July 5, 2013

fireworks, how i missed thee.

{july 3rd at teton village}

{teton village fireworks.}
holy visitors!  i don't think i've ever seen this town as busy as it is right now.
there was a lot going on (and still going on) around these parts for america's berf.
food was devoured, music was grooved to, and fireworks were a-blazin'.
last year (see here) there was a fire ban that prevented any sort of sparking in the sky.
and let me tell you, a year without fireworks is like a year without....well i don't know but it sure was good to see them again.

with town being so busy, we jumped in the truck and headed over the pass to victor, idaho.
^^ the victor emporium huckleberry milkshakes are well worth the 30 minute drive, if you ask me.
they're world famous, you know.

we ended the day with live music, sparklers, and fireworks!
rock me mama....old crow medicine show sure was fun to see live. 
i have a real thing for banjos.


christine donee said...

mmm banjos. you and me both, girl!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Looks like a great time!

Anna @ IHOD said...

How fun! The 4th of July brings out some of the best days of summer:)

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