August 15, 2013

static peak.

every year i have my eyes set on a few big hikes.
it's impossible to do them all in just one summer.
i mean, there are literally thousands of things to do here and finding the time with work can be difficult.
static peak has been on my list as it doesn't require any ropes.
me + rock climbing = the elvis leg.
(you know, when you're so scared that your legs shake uncontrollably?  that's me, with heights.)
we started super early at 6:45am and crossed paths with a bear and a moose in the first mile.
it's the perfect early morning hike through death canyon as its in the shade most of the way up.
and the views are pretty gorgeous.

locals note
static peak is 11,302 ft. high
the hike is about 19 miles round trip
5300 ft. elevation gain

- park at death canyon trail head in grand teton national park.
- follow signs to static peak divide: you'll pass phelps lake over look and campsites.
- once you get to the old ranger's cabin in death canyon, continue right following signs to static peak divide.
- pass mt. albright and stay on the trail all the way up
- it's a quick scramble to the top
- give yourself 8 hours and start early - they don't call it static peak for no reason!


Erin said...

gorgeous! what a perfect place

sweet harvest moon said...

What a view!

Jane said...

beautiful scenery. my husband and i are due for a nice hike. we hope to go to shenandoah national park in va actually in the fall to see all the pretty color changes of the leaves

Jane said...

Ha! I have to laugh. This hike was supposed to be our last big day in Jackson Hole. My brother made the trip for the weekend and gosh darn it, he was taking his nephews on the best hike they had ever been on. Meanwhile, during the week the boys had hiked, mountain biked, went white water rafting, and rock climbed at Exum mountaineering. My younger son melted down just at the top of Plhelps Lake where the trail splits to follow the Death Canyon trail. I'm sure all of Jackson Hole heard his proclamation. He had had it and was not walking one more step. Needless to say, my brother went on and we turned around and went and rode the lift up the ski hill.