January 12, 2011

cue {alien} music

last week my friends and i had a discussion about the world ending in 2012.
i'm a naysayer but a few of my friends (names left out to protect the gullible) are fearful that the world is over sooner rather than later.
i guess one reason to make them believe that the world is ending is something very strange that happened last week.  one of the gullible ran into our house screaming "there's something in the SKY!"  when we all ran out, we saw this (see above).

the photo stolen from jackson hole underground was not distorted in any way.
that is honestly what the night sky looked like and i was pretty creeped out.

according to jackson hole underground, when the temp drops to -20 degrees like last week, snow crystals create an illusion.  i won't bore your with my incredible scientific knowledge so you can read about it here

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