January 11, 2011

dubai...and then some?

ok, she doesn't exactly live in the Burj Al Arab but she has a pretty sweet view of it. my bestie lynze has been living in dubai for 3 years now and i have YET to visit.   i will be making the trip this april or may but i need some advice!  does anyone have any recommendations for other countries to visit before/after my trip to dubai?  lynze has been everywhere so i need some more feedback on other awesome places to visit for a few days to a week. 
when i was little i loved to dig in the dirt, so naturally, my first dream job was becoming an archealogist. 
that was no longer a career option when i grew up and realized dirt in your nails and hairy legs are seriously unattractive BUT i still dream of seeing the pyramids in egypt!

i hear istanbul is incredibly beautiful and the people are super friendly in turkey....am i wrong?

aahh cyprus, what is there not to like about you?  sun, beaches, island life, and mediteranean food. 
sounds like paradise.

dear world travelers, ANY SUGGESTIONS!? 


jayme said...

i've been all over and you should definitely go to turkey! it's beautiful! otherwise, go to corfu, santorini, or anywhere in the greek isles! you really can't go wrong! so jealous of ya! ...i'll be in paris in may!

Catherine E. said...

hi bug! my last day of school is May 11 and i'm definitely down to travel with you if you can wait for me. otherwise- maybe i could just rendezvous with you there. how long of a journey are you thinking? smooches~ i just love your blog and i love YOU! you need to teach be how to be fancy, and your favorite treat (PARFAITS!!!) are in order. ciao bella, catail

Lynze said...

So your blog FINALLY was unblocked after a week or so of no access! Just another perk of being watched by the government ;) Thanks for the post! Can't WAIT for you to visit. Too cold in Turkey for the cruise. Egypt is awesome in a mind blowing sort of way--never been to Cyprus! Hmm...