March 7, 2011

Glory-ious Sunday

cat and i ditched the village on an outrageously gorgeous morning to play on mount glory.
we took our friend's dog, ivy, who proved to be the best ski dog partner around.
a true ladies ski day if you will.
hiking the pass is great on the bum, a fab time to gossip, catch up with friends, and enjoy the sun's rays.
if you need a pal, i highly suggest cat.  she spanish...and then lessons!
she really kept me entertained as i was gasping for air at the top.
ivy knew we were heading for a ski
glory hike
not a cloud in the sky 
hydrating with ivy
ivy and i are off!
cat tomahawks...for fun
cat recovers
look, i really do ski!

1 comment:

Catherine E. said...

tomahawk CHOP!!! lets do it again. in spandex. I LOVE YOU EGG