March 29, 2011

high...on life

ask me how my day was.
seriously...ask me!
ok fine, i'll tell you how my day went through photos.

#1.  i skied corbet's couloir this morning for the first time ever.  google it.  top photo of me as proof! i'm proud to say that i did not fall and skiied down with the biggest smile on my face.  WHEW!

#2. widespread panic booked 3 nights at grand targhee over the 4th of july. one of my fave bands at one of my fave venues in one of my fave places.  (visitors welcomed and expected)

#2.5.  the new mastersounds will be playing with widespread.  gah!

#3. after corbet's and a fat tram burger, i purchased my flight to sri lanka.  i'll be beachin' it in no time.

feeling seriously high on life today.  going to end this day with my favorite meal in jackson hole with amazing company.

sending happiness to all of you.  muaaaah!

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Nikiya said...

Hi Meag!! so i found your blog today and then i found that i was on it!! this is so cool :) hope to see you soon xoxo nikiya