March 28, 2011

hot glass. cold beer.

remember when i shared with you that i started glassblowing again? 
well, my little crew of glassblowers and i have been working our little tails off this past month for our Hot Glass. Cold Beer. Party.
we held the party this past friday as a way to introduce the new hot shop to our tiny town.  
everyone who attended received a free beer mug made by us plus free booze all night. 
not too shabby eh?
we flew in 4 glassblowers from seattle who did 2 amazing demos for a very intrigued audience.  
we also held a silent auction for some of the things we've been working on, like the plates below.  
mine was blue and SOLD.  i know, right?  like someone paid a lot of money for it....suckas slash my new favorite anonymous person ever.  (thanks for making me feel awesome)
the seattle crew made a gorgeous redwood tree and one bad ass cowboy.
a huge thank you to all of my amazing friends who showed up to support!

{seattle crew in our little hot shop}
{redwood tree in action}
{danny gathering glass} 
{redwood tree}
 {mr. balloon hands in action}
{rob and i with our mustache cups. in front of our plates}
{danny making a cowboy}
{The Core Four plus deputy Rob.  Jackson Hole Glassblowers}
{my plate sold!?  funny feeling but i hope whoever bought it loves it forever}
{mustache cups.  creepy 'stache cup line coming soon}

p.s. we were all pretty burnt out last thursday night before the party so we decided to create mustache beer mugs.  dear friends: your newest birthday gifts.  
tell me the creepiest 'stache your heart desires and it's all yours. 


Padgett Hoke said...

I am so impressed with your glass & your glass blowing talents! I would totally have purchased it - you need to get yourself making those on a regular basis! awesome job!

LeeLee said...

What a great talent. Your stuff is amazing!!