August 9, 2011

4,139 ft.

living here means constant visitors. 
i try to do something super fun/jackson-y for any guest but also try to do something with them that i enjoy too.
i only get one summer a year people! 
need to use my weekends wisely.
this past saturday i hiked with my boston pals UP to the top of the ski hill.
it's been on my jackson bucket list to hike rendezvous peak so i was pumped when they said they'd go.
7.2 miles up to the 10,450 ft.  
that's four thousand, one hundred, thirty nine vertical feet. 
so proud of my little sea-level friends!  

{wild flowers that we stopped to smell along the way}

{boo lead the way}
{marf taking it all in}

{slopes sans snow}
{this girl can't jump.  mandatory jump shot at the top}
it was so fun to see the ski slopes without all that snow.
pretty crazy to see what we ski on top of.
way to go bostonians on your first mountain!

1 comment:

Padgett Hoke said...

Ha! I went up on Sunday - so close! I need to show you the sneak way that cuts the time in half... much better than following the road, a bit more straight up - but gets your right to the top quick.