September 26, 2011

runner's high.

{pic by running partner, aj puccia}
i finished my first half-marathon!
i thought it was going to be painful but it ended up being so much fun.
as you can see from the pic above, the scenery wasn't too shabby.
i was pretty proud of myself considering i have a herniated disc in my back.
i managed to run the whole thing with no backpain!
training works, folks.
congrats to everyone who finished!
especially my bad ass friends who did the FULL.


Ly said...

Congrats on finishing! One of my life goals is to run a marathon. It might not work out since well I hate running hahaha.


Ashley said...

CONGRATS!! a half marathon is something I really want to tackle sometime in the near future. Not sure if I could handle a full one! ha

Catherine E. said...