October 24, 2011

twenty six.

today i turn 26.
for my birthday weekend i hit up jellystone national park.
2 wolf packs, 1 grizzly bear in the road, tons of bison.
zero. tourists.  which equals the best time to be there!
more photos to come....

{trail mix. driving essentials}
{lower falls}
{mammoth hot springs}

**photos by me


Ann Marie said...

happy, happy birthday! what a beautiful trip you had...love these photos so so much.

Lindsay R said...

happy birthday! beautiful pictures. yellowstone is gorgeous. and how exciting you saw a bear!


MellyB said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. I love Yellowstone. I can't believe there is snow in the forecast up there this week. Whaaaa? Happy Birthday!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

these photos are all just so gorgeous!! what a perfect birthday celebration!!!!
xo TJ

e.r.a. said...

I love your photos! They're gorgeous. I love Yellowstone. Happy birthday!