October 27, 2011

jellystone wildlife.

{howling coyote}
{hundreds of bison in the roads} 
{can you spot the grizzly?  i didn't want to spook him with a flash}
{bison sitting in front of our cabin.  i was laughing too hard to get a good photo!}
{this monkey}

we also spotted 2 wolf packs but my lens wasn't capable of zooming that far!
i do however, have photos of the wolf pack PEOPLE.
stay tuned...


balladofseasons said...

so nice photos in your blog Meagan!
lots of love from France,


Jenna E said...

oh my gosh, amazing!!! Great shots

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

gorgous pics. went to yellowstone on my honeymoon and stayed in a b&b. so pretty!