April 18, 2011

i'm off.

jackson hole > dubai > sri lanka
i'll do my best to post photos along the way.

most looking forward to....elephant orphanage in sri lanka....posh dubai....camel rides....experiencing my best friend's life in a foreign world.

i'm riding solo.
wish me luck.

April 14, 2011

yurt trip.

a few weeks ago we spent the night in a yurt just outside of jackson hole's gates for a friend's birthday.
ski jumping.
shovel races.
mink coats.
midnight hikes.
and a little mac n' cheese.

birthday girl

what's a birthday party without a pinata? not the safest environment.

April 8, 2011

newest bestie.

the egg's about to get craaazaay
(if i can figure this thing out...)

happy weekend my happies!!

April 6, 2011

slightly mortified...

fyi peeps.  this image of yours truly was circulating around the office today from closing day at the village...
yes i am double fisting 2 tall boys.
yes i am wearing a budweiser ski sweater in a thong leotard
and yes....my boss included this message after seeing the photo

 "Nice shot Meagan!  You made it to the big time by getting sponsored by Budweiser"

not embarrassing what. so. ever.
especially after my boss blew it up to an 8x10 and smacked it on the refrigerator door at the office.
at least there isn't a behind shot, right?  RIGHT?!?

iphones. suck.

keepin' it classy over at sotheby's in the west bank.
want to buy a multi-million dollar home?  ask this girl.

April 4, 2011

this is where we play.

closing day at the mountain was yesterday.
tears.....and beers.
the end to an amazing ski season.  my best yet.
this past winter has confirmed that i won't be leaving jhole anytime soon.
enjoy this tiny film of our little mountain by tristan greszko. (shout out to teton artlab, holla!)

via early ups.