November 25, 2012

south america goodness.

{yummy mid day snack}
{the vineyards}
{pops of colorful flowers everywhere}
{malbec ice cream + spices at the central market}
{oaked barrels.  i wish i could bottle up the smells}
{beautiful (and cool) trees throughout downtown mendoza}
{how i feel everyday}
just a few photos of my south american adventures.
i'm off to celebrate thanksgiving with expats, a traditional asado, and a pool party.
pretty certain that i like november in south america much more than the states.
wait....yes, i am very certain of that.
make sure to check back tomorrow for an amazing giveaway!


Jessica said...

HI from your new follower!

All these pictures make me smile. That ice cream does looks pretty dang delicious. I guess I need to go to Argentina on my next vacay!

Colleen Brynn said...

I love the loss of the flip flop in the jumping photo. True exuberance.

Chloe Moon said...

I've never been to South I want to. They are having spring now right? Have fun!! =)


Jenna said...

So beautiful! Looks like you are soaking up every day to its fullest :)


Anonymous said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I'm so envious of your adventures!
A Ray of Sun

Maggie Donnelly said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I'm your newest follower and love your blog!


Brandi said...

Been loving all your pictures! Keep 'em coming!

Nicole Marie said...

incredible vineyards!

Eden Marie said...

that first picture make my mouth water! looks so good. your pictures are stunning by the way!

Ali W. said...

I love your pictures so much! That pie looks AMAZING. Pies are like my favorite dessert ever, so this definitely makes me crave one!

Tina Byland said...

These pictures make me wish I was traveling with you right about now... those oak barrels of wine! OH MY GOSH! Amazing. Hope Thanksgiving was a fabulous one!

Jo said...

YUM! Beautiful photos!

Jo x amomentwithjo

Karen A. said...

All these pictures are gorgeous!

Marlen said...

you take such beautiful pictures! i'm getting jealous thinking of how warm it must be over there. i'd feel like C-Jumping every day if i was there too haha. It looks beautiful

his little lady said...

That last picture is too cute! Love all of these ;)
xo TJ

Kristina said...

Great shots and happy to hear that you are having a wonderful time!! x

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