April 4, 2013

rum cake for a cause.

{the chunk missing?  just from my first taste.}
this here cake my friends, is THE best rum cake that will ever touch your lips.
and it'll make you feel real good too.  and not just in that way either ;)
this cake is fighting cancer, one bite at a time.
listen up.

one of my most favorite people in the whole entire world, nancy, has been battling pancreatic cancer since 2006.  yes, you read that correctly.  it has been 7 years since nancy was first diagnosed. you can read her entire story here but she's kind of like the poster child for kicking pancreatic cancer's ass. 

nancy started NancyCakes as a way to say thank you.  they were a pretty big hit. being the wonderful person that she is, she decided to start selling the cakes, with half of the profits going to pancreatic cancer research.  she sent me a cake last week to "test" and i ate about 3/4ths of it to myself, in one sitting.  it was seriously one of the best cakes i've ever eaten.  and she personally bakes all of the cakes herself!

{nancy pants at work.}
nancy uses high quality jamaican rum so these treats stay good for weeks to come.   
perfect for gifts! 
if you are interested in ordering a nancy cake, please click here.
go on, take a bite out of cancer.


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

This is such a great idea. I love it!

Anonymous said...

This is seriously awesome. I'm definitely going to have to order one of those babies. Good for Nancy for creating something positive out of her struggle; that takes a strong person.

whitney said...

i LOVE rum cake.

i don't love rum. probably because i drank too much one high school spring break. but that is beside the point. it tastes delicious when mixed with cake.

and i think we should all take a bite out of cancer. because cancer sucks.

Padgett Hoke said...

done and done. now, I will wait in the post office for my delivery. can.not.wait.

A and B said...

That sounds absolutely delicious!! What a rad lady! Way to stay positive and "take a bite" out of cancer!