July 16, 2013

a rather late post on bozeman.

well we didn't end up camping.
but that's okay because my girlfriend has the cutest most coziest log cabin in big sky.
so i was content spending my time with friends, food, and two snuggly alaskan malamutes. 
at the end of the visit, we drove to bozeman for some lunch and shopping before heading home.
visiting other mountain towns is always a treat.  each one is so unique.
we opted for the long road home and went north to the main entrance of yellowstone.
the drive down was nothing short of gorgeous and an awesome reminder of how lucky i am to life out west.
on the tail end of the drive, a BEAR darted in front of my car.  
that thing was a-haulin'!
if anyone thinks they can run from a black bear.....good freaking luck.  

p.s. a recent interview i did for shopathome.com


Benlovesting said...

Oh my your photos are gorgeous! X

Candace said...

Ah! I heart Bozeman! I heart Montana! We have a beautiful state do we not?

jpratt406 said...
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jpratt406 said...

Love!! Fabulous little side trips with bears are the best. Make it on up to the Missoula neck of the woods next time! Glorious!!

Anonymous said...

Rion's grandparents live near there! Bozeman is one of the towns we're looking to live at!

Jane said...

these photos are just so beautiful! wow! i love the ones with the water streaming down!