August 25, 2010

for $328, i could dominate an ugly sweater party.
my beloved anthropologie, are you for serious?

gaper day 2010

it was 29 degrees when i woke up this morning.
looked like there may have been DEW on my car.
which reminded me of winter,
which made me want to ski,
which led me to start dreaming about gaper gear.
Jackson Hole Gaper Day 2010
Video featuring Moon Boot Mindy.

MOUNTAIN DEW & CIGARETTES from mikey van beuren

August 20, 2010

new gig

my favorite couple kim and poot just purchased their very own photo booth.
yes, that's right, a photo booth.
how awesome is that? they can photo booth wherever and whenever.....genius.
want to know the best part? they've asked moi to be their photo booth attendant tonight at a wedding.
get paid to eat, drink, and put people in hilarious costumes?
yes, please, and thank you. i think i fit the bill.
can't wait to put that on my resume.

*photos from poot's birthday bash this past weekend

August 19, 2010

surf wyoming

i had to share this video after seeing it on we rafted down this rapid, Lunch Counter, last month and i was holding on for dear life. these guys jumped in and surfed it! maybe the coolest/badass thing I've seen in a loooong time.

oh, the endless possibilities of my beautiful backyard.

August 13, 2010


Spirall Cellars modern wine cellar

wine wall series modern wine cellar

Wine Cellar traditional wine cellar

private residence, corona del mar, california traditional wine cellar

i want my own wine cellar.
filled with expensive wines from around the world which i will acquire on my trip.
i guess i need my own house first.

via houzz

August 10, 2010

leigh lake hike

went hiking in grand teton national park on sunday with 2 of my roomies.
hiked to leigh lake > bearpaw lake > trapper lake. 7 miles. 4 hours round trip.
gorgeous day. perfect temperature. no bear encounters.
p.s. sorry for the awkward photos of me, my camera is broken and these are stolen

August 6, 2010

you idiot.

tourist: it's a love-hate relationship.

although they bring in mucho mula into the valley during the summer season, 99.9% of them are idiots. no argument there.
i understand it might be difficult to drive down the highway-22 when you are laying your eyes upon the tetons for the first time, but please, don't stop in the middle of the road and watch out for the road bikers. we usually wear bright colors anyways.
i understand you want to take a dip in the mighty snake river, but you absolutely can not float down in a tire tube. you will die.
please leave more than a 3$ tip on a $50 bar tab.
yes, we have a coldwater creek. go nuts.

my blood boils when i drive through yellowstone during the summer. when visiting my gal pal in big sky, i take the longer route through idaho. you may think that's crazy, who would avoid yellowstone? until you see how dumb humans are capable of being, you too would steer clear until tourist season dies down. i recently saw a man with a tripod in the middle of a buffalo herd. pretty certain he doesn't work for national geographic.

bears, buffalo, and moose do not want to be pet.
they don't want to be in your family christmas card.
food will attract bears.....and they will eat you.

donald, you should not have thrown that stick at the buffalo. now you and your wife are on for being idiots...


i miss colorado.

this makes me miss my boulder chicas. reunion this homecoming??

August 4, 2010


Something awesome just happened. I experienced my first earthquake. Clancy was acting super strange before leaving work today and as I was saying bye to my boss I became extremely light headed...or so I thought. He calmly looked at me and said, "we're in an earthquake." Like, duh, they happen all of the time here. I always hear people talking about earthquakes in the middle of the night but I never wake up. I'm always super bummed I miss them. Wait, is that weird? I guess its bound to happen when you live over a supervolcano.

When National Geographic published their Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO cover story last year, I had a ton of concerned phone calls and emails requesting that I move far, far away. The jig is up people. If that volcano blows, we're all toast! At my last visit to Old Faithful (supervolcano activity hotspot), a ranger told me that there has been evidence of yellowstone found on the east coast from the last time the supervolcano burst. Meaning: if this puppy blows, the whole continent is gone. Also, an important side note: the supervolcano is overdue for an explosion.
click here to get an interactive look our world's inevitable demise. enjoy!


August 3, 2010

beep. beep.

for bealliot....

far, far, away


i've decided to start saving for a trip around the world.
who's coming with me??
thank you Tagalong for your inspiration