October 27, 2010

my newest fashion obsession

willow smith, daughter of will and jaden smith.


October 22, 2010


jackson hole's shopping is expensive and limited.  i rarely (never) do it. 
my birthday weekend started off right when the world's greatest bosses gave me a nice little gift card to one of my favorite boutiques in town, rodeo.
followed by permission to leave work and go browse the store. um, is that an order?
they must have caught me mindlessly browsing piperlime. every hour.

another perk is the off-season sale they are having.
the sales lady told me they've been completely dead.
therefore everything was an additional 50% off.....starting......now.
does she know its my birthday, too?

October 19, 2010

bored in wyoming?

go shoot a gun.  because you can.
the cat's meow
mandatory clancy jvest
i'm not quite sure how i acquired my father's 20 gauge browning shotgun. 
i certainly didn't ask for it. 
i'm petrified of guns.  like panic attacks when i knew they were in the house, totally disassembled.
i've been secretly wanting to give target practice a chance ever since the gun was turned over to me.
i guess i thought....i live in wyoming.  i should shoot a gun.

wyoming gun laws:
permit to purchase shotguns?  nope.
registration of shotguns? no.
licensing of owners of shotguns? not necessary.
permit to carry shotguns? negative.
i don't know much about gun laws but those seem pretty firearm friendly.

well anyways, if you can't tell from the photos.  i had a BLAST.  besides the massive bruise on my arm from the kickbacks, it was awesome. 
cat was a natural and w. nailed every target on his first shot.  must be a southern boy.

October 7, 2010

Mr. Wyoming

jackson's hottest bachelor.  i know him.
i haven't picked up a cosmo magazine since 8th grade but i found out one of my favorite ski rental boys (and nicest kid in the village) is nominated for hottest bachelor.
click here to vote for our hunky friend max, who sometimes manscapes

October 5, 2010

one of the boys

i have a confession to make.
whenever i receive my monthly j.crew catalogs, i immediately search for the crewcuts pages.
and not in a creepy way or i-really-want-kids-soon way....i sometimes prefer their stylish little outfits
i would by no means consider myself a petite person or even small for that matter but i've come to find out that xxl in boys clothing will actually fit me. 
i know this because i tried on an identical patagonia down jacket last year and the boys coat fit better than the women's coat. 

ever since then, i've been eyeing those adorable vintage flannel crewcut boy shirts. 
i mean, for $40 a piece, why not?

{the sartorialist}
looks like i'm not the only one with the smart idea

boyfriend shirt? 
more like nephew shirt! 
i'll take one of each....in size 14 ofcourse


october is one of my favorite months.
probably because it's my birthday month.
i'm turning 25..eek!
clancy is turning 15...i think i'm more proud to announce that than my own age
the fall colors are to die for in the mountains and i'm trying to savor every day before winter arrives.
which could be any second.

October 4, 2010

goodwin lake hike

this past weekend might have been the final days of summer. tear.
roomies and i hiked to goodwin lake in the gros ventres on saturday. absolutely beautiful.
so cool to see views of jackson from a different mountain range.
dogs loved the 2 hour hike and so did my butt.