October 28, 2011

the wolf people.

{Lamar Valley, Yellowstone}

{setting up shop takes serious concentration}
at 6 am on saturday we left cooke city, montana and headed into lamar valley.
we were told to look out for a guy in a yellow xterra...he's the wolf man.
we found the yellow xterra.
plus other cars with license plates like "WOLFLVR" and "LONEWLF".
after a short hike we found 30 people all peering into their three thousand dollar scopes.
they'd been there since 4am so we were totally late.

after finally setting up our borrowed scope, (see above....such wolf amateurs.)
we spotted the pack.
but i'd be lying if i said i thought they were more incredible then the pack of people watching them.

i had no idea these people existed.
one woman left her teaching job in san diego to move up here to watch wolves.
all. day. every. day.
they all knew each other and they all knew everything about the wolf pack.
i'm sorry but how the hell can you tell which pup belongs to which wolf at 2 miles away???
i'll give it to the pack peeps that at least they are passionate about something...
nat. geo should totally hire them.  or maybe document them.


Padgett Hoke said...

Ha ha, that just made my afternoon - crazy people. nat. geo should totally get on that. and the birder's too. they are a different breed as well.

Kylie said...

dude this is RAD!

Anonymous said...

Wow - the wolf-people pack. Have you read Farley Mowat's books? Great stuff.

Hannah said...

so pretty! so funnyyy