November 23, 2011

the bistro.

the second best thing about the off-season is the food.
but since i didn't globetrot this fall (click here) the restaurant specials definitely take the cake.
pun intended.
one of my favorite eateries, Rendezvous Bistro, is celebrating their 10th year anniversary
and they are currently offering a kick-ass $10 menu for the month of november.
yep, 10 bones for everything on the menu.
it's my fourth time this month...
i highly recommend the pork adobo. 
the perfect place to relax with friends while sipping great vino.
and the bartender is pretty cute too.

{a full house!}
{only ten buckaroos. nom. nom. nom.}
{over 150 wines to choose from}
{my favorite painting in the bistro}
{so we drank a lot of wine. mmm malbec}
{who doesn't love a sophisticated restaurant that lets you color?!}
besides the full bellies and small tab,
there was a little celebrity spotting as well last night.
i may or may not have made intense eye contact with Harrison Ford,
a regular and big fan of the Bistro.
i think its meant to be.

p.s. don't forget to enter into my little okin giveaway here.  winner will be chosen tomorrow!


Lily said...

looks like an incredible place!

Oh - Fancy That.

J + A said...

gorgeous photos!!