December 28, 2012

the happiest of holidays.

{all credit goes to my talented aunt molly!}
{roses, roses, roses.}

{me with the gorgeous bride to be!}
after 24 hours of travel last week,
i made it home just in time for my gorgeous cousin's engagement party.
let's be honest, (see previous post), i wouldn't have missed it for the world.
besides losing my voice for almost 5 days straight, i've had the most wonderful time with my family.
all 26 of us made it back for our annual lobster xmas eve dinner
and we all squeezed around the most gigantic/gorgeous dining room table.
tomorrow i'm off on the last leg of my 3 month trip, new orleans!

December 23, 2012

home is where the party is.

i landed in the us of a and i'm so incredibly happy to be with the murtagh clan for the holidays.
what? your family doesn't dance on your country club bar?
for all my friends out west...
now you know where i get it from.
happy holidays!

December 20, 2012

LOTM: all bundled up.

one thing that i'm guilty of in the winters
is wearing one of my many ski jackets all day, every day.
from work, to the slopes, to a fancy dinner out, its hard for me to part with my cozy down jackets.
this winter, however, i plan on incorporating a few chicer pieces into my bundled up wardrobe.
this includes leaving my bulky ski gloves at home when it's time for dinner out or a business meeting.
baby steps.
jacket: emerson fry
bomber hat: madewell
faux fur vest: bb dakota
leather gloves: j.crew (on sale!)
snood: j. crew

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December 19, 2012

los andes.

{hotel ayelen.}
{old closed hotel underneath a natural bridge once used by the incas.}
{a nun. tee hee hee.}

{there she is, behind that big fat cloud that wouldn't move for us.}
a few days ago i took a quick trip to the mountains.
just a few hours outside of mendoza sits one of the seven summits of the world, Aconcagua.
at 22, 837 ft. tall, she's a beast.
two friends and i went to stay at hotel ayelen so i could shoot some photos and give a quick social media lesson for the owner of the hotel.
the hotel sits at the very base of Aconcagua in a tiny town called, penitentes.
the last place for climbers to acclimate before they start their two week ascent. 
the drive up was absolutely stunning as i've never laid eyes on mountains that tall.
(seven years in tibet was filmed there.  helllllo brad pitt.)
i'm scared to say it but i think i've just added climbing Aconcagua to my bucket list.

December 16, 2012

stay cozy.

my trip in south america has almost come to an end.
i'm heading home next week just in time for the holidays.
and i couldn't be happier to see my family, friends, and snuggle up by a fire with a good book.
only thing missing is jeff....but he'll be meeting me in new orleans for an nye wedding.
(i'll see you on the dance floor, mister.)

1. fun holiday sweaters here, here, and here
4. comfy jeggings (on sale!)
5. clever mugs (on sale!)

December 14, 2012

mendoza tidbits.

{purdy old buildings}
{the cars down here are rad. period.}
{a few blocks from home.  i have a thing for doors, see here}
{street pups.}
{olive oil boutique opening!}
recent highlights
argentines really, really, love hot dogs. with anything imaginable as a topping.
and ice cream.  both of which work well for me.

volunteering.  the kiddos are so sweet!

an olive oil boutique opening.  don't ever eat an olive right off the tree.

mullets/rat tail combos are IN for the boys of argentina. the girls perfer mc-hammer style pants, which actually look pretty comfy...
a bus ride where they only played american 90's videos for 7 hours straight.  
lisa lobe, celine, sophie b. hawkins.  the gang was all there.
yes, i've questioned if argentina is stuck in 1995.
because i've seen a lot of rollerblading too...

December 12, 2012

the sharpest gift this season.

before i left on my 3 month adventure, i purchased a very special gift for jeff's birthday.  jeff loves to cook so i wanted him to have a new friend in the kitchen while i was away.  and let's be honest, i'll be using his new knife as well when i return...(a win-win, really).  he has always admired the gorgeous knifes from locally owned New West Knifeworks, so i knew an all-round knife was the perfect gift.  he has seriously been raving about his new best friend blade for the last few months. 

first off, all of the products are made in the good old u.s.a, including the steel blades.  not only are these knives beautiful to look at, they make even the most amateur chef feel like a pro.  each colorful layer was cut, dyed, and fused together to make a comfortable handle.  it makes slicing and dicing a breeze.  as jeff says, "it cuts through anything, even steak, like butter!" the fusion chef knife featured above, is his go-to in the kitchen and the boy loves it.  

i can't think of a better gift this holiday season for anyone who loves to cook. every individual knife truly is a work of art.  not only are there an array of knives and sets to choose from, New West Knifeworks also offers plenty of accessories that you can find here.  

*locals note: stop by the shop anytime to get your knives sharpened, for free~

December 10, 2012


{this my friends, is a real life gaucho (argentine cowboy). love the boots}

i just returned from the best week ever in patagonia.
glamping, fly fishing, hiking, and asados.
i'm so grateful for my time spent there,
the 24 hr bus ride from mendoza was well worth it.
(making the trek solo with my broken spanglish was a feat!)
san martin de los andes is a must see if you are heading to patagonia.
a quaint little town with world class fishing and an incredible lake at the edge of town.
oh, and the roses.
roses line every single street with the most gorgeous colors.
it is definitely a happy town!

December 3, 2012

mountain gal gift guide 2012.


happy december friends!
here are fun picks for my mountain gal gift guide of 2012.
i'll be honest and say that i had my friends (and....myself) in mind while putting this one together.
so get shopping for your mountain sistahs, mountain mamas, and fellow mountainistas.
if you are in need of gifts for your man, check out my mountain man gift guide.

December 1, 2012

asados and a winner.

{nut lady.}
{not my doing.}

confirmed: i take a lot of food photos.
sorry if you don't eat meat...
asados (argentine bbq's) are kind of a big deal down here.
just like my camera.
hence, i barely have any photos of myself since my camera is worth like 10x more than it would be in the u.s.
just a reflection photo to prove i'm actually down here.
here's to not jinxing myself.

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