June 28, 2010

sassy pants

Sally Mann's Immediate Family

i absolutely adore sally mann's work. always been a big fan.

she got in a heap load of trouble after taking this series of photos of her children back in '92. i refrained from posting the nudey children photos. worth a look though, her work is fascinating.

June 21, 2010

are the rumors true?

Finally, some good music in the Hole! The rumors that Bob Dylan will be playing at Snow King Resort (literally a stones throw away from my house) are true and official, according to his tour website.

Thank you music gods.
Bobs + Willie + in my backyard = one helluvah summer.
oh, and lets not forget Widespread in 2 weeks!!!

srg eskimo bar

i've heard about the infamous Snake River Grill Eskimo bars but have yet to try them.
never before have i heard people rave about food like this dish. i'm a sucker for dessert too. why the hell haven't i coughed up $10 for them? we'll, after seeing Giada's spot on "Best Thing I Ever Ate" on the food network, i will not go into the month of july with out scarfing a few of these eskimo bars down the hatch. someone's birthday is coming up next week and i think i know where we'll be dining.
i literally drooled watching this video. maybe i'll stop in there for lunch today?

June 19, 2010


not feeling too hot today. hanging with monkey man on the snake.

June 17, 2010


if you haven't seen sex and the city 2, well, then don't look at these.
if you have, and are as in love with Carrie and Big's apartment as i am, then enjoy~

a montauk sofa
colors, colors, colors

hand blow chandelier; a must

loving the contrast of patterns

his and hers...fabulous

~but not quite as fabulous as just hers~
Photos: Elle Decor

June 16, 2010

dream ride

my dream ride.
delete fat guy in hat. insert clancy.
fine, i'll let johnny depp drive.

kage handbags

i've been eyeing Kage Handbags for awhile now.
softest leather ever.
AND a horse shoe. very jackson.
if anyone would like to buy me a gift, i'll take the pink one.

June 14, 2010

Happy 30th Bill and Babs!

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

June 13, 2010

nom nom nom

photos: Matthew Wexler

i woke up this morning starving which usually never happens. i was recently in austin, tx and can't stop thinking about the trailer restaurants popping up all over town. mighty cone was by far my favorite and my little brother better be bringing me hey, cupcake! when he comes to visit this summer, if he knows what's good for him.

June 11, 2010

i hope to...
get on the snake this weekend. all 23,000 cfs of it.
ride my bike to work. yes, i need to work saturday.
watch the us dominate over england.
have a good one!

i think its a sign

my bestie moved to nantucket for the summer.
clancy and i miss her dearly.
she's begging me to come visit. i've never been.
ofcourse i'd love to go, but i work, work, work all summer.
she snapped this photo on her phone this morning.

i think its a sign to start saving.

June 10, 2010


the sun looks like its trying to peek through. if so, w. and i will be cruisin' to teton thai for dinner.

June 8, 2010

Clancy Mulligan Murtagh

The story of the Man, the big red dog....

Clancy was a Christmas Eve surprise almost 15 years ago for my brothers and me. He was the worst puppy ever until he was about 8 years old. My dad threatened to shoot him a few times and he destroyed every piece of valuable furniture my mom ever bought. He was notorious for humping relentlessly, grabbing scrunchies out of every grade school girl's hair, and barking for hours on end in the middle of the night. Clancy and I didn't speak for a few years. He was that annoying.

When he grew out of his puppy years (a whole 8 years laterish) he would sit around his blue bowl and bark until we filled it up. Never shutting the hell up, we'd continue to fill the bowl, until Clancy reached a hefty 103 lbs. Fattest. Dog. Ever.

My parents moved to Naples, FL when I was in college so my older brother Sean and I drove Clancy across country to his new home, Boulder, CO. I took him to the vet and he informed me that Clancy had a torn ACL for almost a year at that point, due to his obesity. Not like we had any idea, Clancy never told us. My mission: get Clancy to drop 30 lbs. Putting Clancy on an all wet organic dog food plan with absolutely no people food was nearly impossible. Remember, this dog's life revolves around food.

At the end of the summer Clancy weighed in at 70lbs and I'm happy to say has maintained that weight for over 4 years now. I'm 100% positive that is what has kept him alive after all these years (he's over 100 years old in doggie years). After Clancy and I graduated from the University of Colorado, he decided to further his studies at the University of Texas with my little bro Colin. Clancy even joined the UT swim team.

Last year, Clancy relocated to Jackson Hole with me to work in real estate. He comes to work with me everyday and sleeps under my desk until its time to show property. Clancy has been a part of the Murtagh Clan for more than half my life. I love him more than anything else in the world. This spring I decided to get some photos taken of him professionally for my family and they turned out better than I could have expected.
Cheers to Clancy Mulligan Murtagh and his old doggie days!

Many, many thanks to Morris the photographer. The photos look much better on his blog and its well worth a visit. www.theimagewell.com/blog

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June 6, 2010


I've wanted a road bike for a few years now but never had the money (not like I do now) or had a reason to buy one, until this year. I herniated a disc in my back this ski season. I wish I had some awesome story to tell you of how it happened like I jumped off a cliff. Truth is, I'm not entirely sure what caused it but it was awful and something I have to deal with for the rest of my life (ugh). Anyways, my doctor told me that I can't run for the next year and the best thing to do is to start road biking. As upset as I was about not being able to go for my daily jogs, I'm excited about starting a new sport.

So, I bought this gem this weekend. We've gone on a few
rides together and I think we'll make great friends.
Plus, she's a pretty blue.

Much prettier than her ugly step sister, Electra.

June 3, 2010

tom toms

I've been on the hunt for summer shoes.
Summer lasts for about, meh, 1 month here so I didn't want to spend too much.
Cheap, cute, versatile and comfy.

I just ordered not 1 but 2 pairs. My feet will be happy and so will 4 other little footsies somewhere in the world!


(Jenny Lake Lodge)
~Corkster's coming to the Hole~

I've got a girl crush...

{closing day at jackson hole mountain. jhunderground.com}

Every guy wants her. Every girl wants to be her.
She's the reason I seriously bought a pair of high waisted bell bottom jeans.

A new age Janis Joplin with an amazing voice, incredible hair, and the ability to rock a leather jacket like no other. And, she loves playing in Jackson.

If you ever have a chance to see Grace Potter live, I highly suggest going.
She will blow you away.

Voted "Best New Band of 2010" by Rolling Stones magazine.
Check her out for youself...

June 2, 2010

maple and shade

the lovely and talented Hannah Maple helped me design my blog.
a huge shout out and thank you. mad props little lady!

her blog is incredible and well worth a visit.
Maple and Shade never fails to make me feel good inside.
if you have any design needs, visit her new website The Maple Studio
the girl has talent. you won't be disappointed.


Never Never Land

I have been a bona fide local in Neverland for almost 2 years now. Jackson Hole (aka Neverland) is a playground for adults, where no one seems to age, everyone is the town drunk, and sick days are equivalent to powder days. Living in The Grand Tetons has shown me immense beauty and has also totally kicked my ass. I'm jumping on the Blog Bandwagon to share with you my life out West.

Why The Egg? Well, apparently I was bald until I was like....3. Coincidentally, Meag rhymes with egg. My parents found it fitting.