December 6, 2011


when it comes to all things hair,
i'm clueless.
i wore a pony tail until....oh wait, i still do.  a lot.
luckily, my glassblowing pal, rob, owns the amazing salon Frost.  (click here) 
no, his name is not rob frost.
but i like to call him that anyways.

rob is extremely talented when it comes to the hair biz.
if you live in jackson, do yourself a favor and book him!
even if he's a few months out.  SO worth it.
if you are ever in jackson, seriously stop in Frost and get your hair dids.


Susan Borland said...

oh girl, I can relate to you! Tomorrow I'm getting my haircut for the first time since.....june. I know, it's so embarrassing.
I always ponytail it, or bun it, since it's so long and unmanageable.
oh well!
I totally found your blog from Mr Taylor and his lady and I LOVE IT, your pictures are amazing. New follower. hearts.

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

I'm sure your hair is fineeee! And Jackson Hole? Awesome! Do you ski/board? I have grandparents near Cody, WY and so I go to Wyoming here and there. Jackson Hole awhile back...went on a fly fishing guided float on the river, AWESOME!