July 25, 2011

big bro.

this is my big bro, sean p. 
(yes, just like sean puffy combs.)
he's currently in south america with his mandolin.
i'm vicariously living through him by our gchat sessions.
i love this photo of him and thought i'd share.
i'm thinking colombia will be my next off-season trip.
any travelin'-pal takers?

July 18, 2011

elle hearts jackson, again.

the people at Elle really dig Jackson Hole this month.
congrats to my friend, glassblowing partner, and incredible stylist rob and his wife patty.
their salon, Frost, made the "united states of style" best salons in the country.
you can find their salon shout-out in this month's Elle Magazine or click here.

if you haven't been to rob yet, you are seriously missing out.
he's booked for months in advance but it's worth the wait!

congrats Frost!!!

western weekend.

i felt like a real cowgirl this weekend.
spent some time at Trail Creek Ranch riding horses through the mountains.
after my saddle slid to the side and i caught myself on a tree, i really got the hang of it.
horses still scare the sh*t out of me...


paddle boarding with friends on sunday after the women's world cup was a happy end to a disappointing game.

{random passerby, "CONQUER THAT LAKE".  we totally did.}

{string lake.  grand teton national park}

{paddle boarding IS fun, annie}

July 12, 2011

elle decor does jackson.

check out the latest issue of Elle Decor and you'll score some awesome shots of Jackson Hole!
click here to read the article about my stompin' grounds.
then book your tickets to come see me.

{snake river grill. my fave.  when i build my mountain home...it. will. look. like. this.}


{shout out to Made!}

July 8, 2011

factory studios. tonight.

come one, come all!
check out the factory studios festival tonight.
yours truly will be blowing glass for all to marvel
and hopefully not hurting innocent bystanders...