May 31, 2012

best bbq in town.

my all-time favorite bbq joint, Q Roadhouse,
was just voted one of the top 10 high-end bbq restaurants in the country by Zagat.
this place is sooo good that i'm actually tempted to leave work early
and order my most favorite plate in the valley, the fried pickles!
actually, i am going to do that.
with pull pork enchiladas
and a side of their mac n cheese....
out of this world.

*photo by Jackson Hole local David Agnello

May 30, 2012

this happened.

{zara skirt / vintage boots / b.r. leather jacket (old)}
the annual rotary wine festival was this past weekend.
pretty much my favorite event of the year.
taste testing vinos from around the world is always a blast.
malbec still wins over this girl's heart.
afterwards we hit up the famous cowboy bar.
where they are finally putting the antique shoe shine seats to use!
i immediately signed up and got my ol' vintage cowboy boots a nice shinin'
for only $10!

May 28, 2012

nica {part 3: colors}

{sarah matches}

on our final day of our trip we stayed in the stunning city of granada.
it was the first spanish settlement in central america, so it was on my must see list.
i'm a huge history nerd.
this place is right up my alley.
i immediately became obsessed with the colorful windows and doors splattered around the city.
it was a strange yet happy obsession.
seriously, i had a smile plastered on my face.
pretty sure i creeped the locals out.
but not as much as sarah's blonde locks.

May 26, 2012

two for one. shell yeah!

{lilly pulitzer shell yeah necklace}
there's no denying that my favorite thing about the off season are the 2-for-1 menus around town.
welp, i found something to top that.
i was shopping for a girlfriend's birthday and stumbled upon this 2-for-1 stylish gem.
necklace + bottle opener.
done and done. shell yeah!
couldn't really think of a better bbq accessory this summer.
besides a summer pale ale, of course.

*local note: many still available at rock lobster on town square**

May 25, 2012

nica {part 2: the people}

as you can see nicaraguans are absolutely beautiful!
they are also extremely friendly, very happy,
hardworking, and loved sarah's blonde hair.
it was fun to watch them stare at her in disbelief.
the little boy above was a riot and was telling me i couldn't sit where i was,
hence the finger pointing.

more photos to come from my trip...
until then, enjoy the weekend!

May 22, 2012

canoes & brews.

{our fleet}

{total eclipse of my heart}
{teton sunset on the drive home}
and boxed wine.
and a solar eclipse, which was pretty neat-o.
sunday funday consisted of canoeing in grand teton national park
from the dam to pacific (for all you locals).
i'd never been down that stretch before and couldn't believe how mellow it was.
minus one kayaker down, we managed to stay dry and soak up the early summer sun.
i think this is a new favorite hobby of mine.

May 20, 2012

nica {part 1: my faves}

{me and my bestie, soaking it all up}
{90% of our time was spent in hammocks}
{sarah and a volcano.  isla de ometepe}
{surfing in el popoyo}
{coco locos.  60 cents of deliciousness}

{2 books in 2 weeks.  relaxation.}
{my most favorite pic of the whole trip.  sarah and a surf board.}
{blending in.}
Nicaragua part one: my favorite photos.
i'm going to be doing a few different parts to my trip
so stay for some muy colorful snaps of a muy beautiful country.
hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

May 17, 2012

a little credit.

k.spade. similar here.
jackson ladies. why yes, i'm the only one with a drink in hand.
my boob really isn't that big. sorry boys.
once upon a time i received a truly awful gift.
two words: velour and bedazzled.
i'm not naming names but i lied and said i loved this gift.
and immediately returned it online.
only to find out that it was prettttty expensive.
in a ridiculous way.
i felt bad for like....point two seconds and got a gift card.

well friends, i totally forgot about that gift card until i stumbled upon it last month!
i decided to buy myself some fun items to add to the wardrobe.
ones that i normally wouldn't splurge on.
this hot pink kate spade was my favorite on the list
and made its debut the other night at a friend's bday dinner.
so thank you, giver of awful present.
my wardrobe.

May 15, 2012

i'm back, jack.

there's nothing better than returning home to the mountains.
especially after 3 weeks in a foreign land.
flying over the tetons really makes me appreciate our little valley.

i'm back from nicaragua.
with many a-photos to share and lessons learned.
important life lessons like... dog benadryl works just as well as human benadryl.
i'll be editing photos this week for all your little eyes to see.
and yes, i highly suggest you book a plane ticket to see the beautiful country of nicaragua!
stay tuned, lovelies.

p.s. hope you enjoyed all of my guest posters.
they made me chuckle.

May 9, 2012

guest + post. {stylish babbs}

when i first met babbs i was literally taking these photos.
we immediately fell in love 
and drink coffee every morning discussing style.
she cracks me up.
and looks really good doing it.
Prior to moving back to this beautiful place last August, I was living in Seattle.  City living is different in so many ways... some good, some bad. When I moved to Seattle, a lot of my mountain wardrobe was put away only to be taken out again for weekend excursions.  A lot of shopping was done to stock myself with clothes (I know... poor me!) and accessories appropriate for my new urban environment.  Although Seattle was rainy, it wasn't (typically) snowy which opened a whole new world to my existing mountain wardrobe.  What this meant for me was that I could have more than one pair of stilettos and feel good about knowing that those lovely ladies wouldn't be closet-bound for nine months every year like they were in Jackson.  

When I got my opportunity to move back to Jackson (WOO-HOO!!), no matter how I tried to remind myself of all the "hard" parts of living in a mountain town at this elevation, I just couldn't stop myself from being deliriously happy that I got to go back... read: no chance I was going to allow myself to remember how tired I used to become of the long underwear I had to wear everyday under my jeans, the Smart Wool socks I had to wear everyday inside the boots I had to wear, etc.  

Before I knew it, I was immersed in mountain life again and realizing that even though there isn't even snow on the ground yet, stilettos are a lot better bet on concrete than they are where the black top ends.  And so back to the closet they go (happily --- they're not really good for my back anyway, right?!) and out come my flats, my boots, my wedges, my fleece mid-layers (I said MID-layers...  In Seattle they were a top layer but in Jackson they're just the red-headed step-child to my Nuptse down North Face parka), my tights.... you get the idea.  I quickly had to prioritize my clothing and accessories (mostly by necessity) and am now going to share what i have realized I can't live without being back in good ole Wyo.

1.  Wedges.  Ok....  They're Gucci.  But whatever.  No one wants to post-hole the night away at a ranch wedding.  If I am going to personally aerate someone's lawn, I am going to need to get paid.  My calves are grateful for my boundaries.  And so are the balls of my feet.

2.  Pockets.  I know they aren't technically a stand-alone item, but they are certainly a necessity when it is freezing outside, I am going to live music or to apres and I don't want to carry my purse.  (And don't think for a second that there would ever truly be any replacement for my beloved Louis.  It is a necessity here as well --- hearty, doesn't stain, I could go on...)

3.  Lipgloss.  I am not terribly picky about this one.  It just has to be really pretty, really glossy and not too sticky.  I rock it all from ELF (Eyes Lips Face --- --- $1 a tube) to my Chanel.  I LOVE both this climate and matte lipstick.  My lips don't.  Until I can find a way to exfoliate my lips without feeling like they are sandpaper in the interim, I will be a strictly glossy gal.  Happily.

4.  My Spanx leggings.  I just recently discovered this GENIUS article of clothing.  I am not sure about you, but I have yet to find a pair of leggings with a wide enough waistband to avoid putting my love handles in the spotlight.  Not hot.  The Spanx leggings I found come up to right under my bra, (similar to the Spanx you wear with dresses) keeping my midriff warm and are thick and wonderful, keeping my legs warm.  Granted, like the Spanx we wear and pretend they aren't girdles, they aren't my sexiest piece of clothing, but they are the perfect, deep, black, thick legging and do truly look good on my body while also serving their utilitarian purpose of keeping all those edges of my body smoothed as well as keeping me toasty.

May 7, 2012

guest + post. (padgett hoke}

summer is right around the corner.
i really can't think of a better place to spend the summer months
than in the gorgeous mountains.
padgett is a legit local (like born and raised)
so she knows all the best secret spots.
check out what her typical summer looks like.
yes, i've got a couch you can crash on.
Hi there! Padgett Hoke here, good friend to Meagan, and a lover of The Egg. While she is off galavanting around, she has so kindly asked me to do a little post. You can also find me at my own self titled site "Padgett Hoke".

I was born and raised in Jackson Hole, us locals really have a close bond and feel we are a part of a very exclusive club. My friends and I were raised in the outdoors, so when Meagan asked what my favorite part of summer in Jackson Hole is, it was a toughie to answer! But, every activity invariably circles back to water. I love being in & around the water, so here are my favorite pastimes that we enjoy regularly on a hot summer day!

 Kayaking to a camping spot, wine is encouraged.
 Floating the Snake on any 'floating device' available.
Spending the day on a boat at the lake.
A swim in the lake after a long hike.
Stand up paddle boarding

My brother, Bland's, genius hammock boat.
So there it is Egg readers - a little glimpse into a few activities that happen in Jackson Hole during the summer. It is my most favorite time and I cherish every single day of it!

Stop on over and see me sometime, would love to tantalize you with more Jackson Hole love!