August 31, 2012

egg phone.

1. leaving for my last day of work and a little "i love you" post-it from jeffers.
2. sayonora suite 104.  the last four years have been grand.
3. anyone else have ginormous fruit at the end of the summer?  
that's a fun word to spell.
4. osker sunbathing.  love the color contrast.
5. a really awful iphone photo of ziggy marley from his show the other night.
6. jeffers is one handsome lad.

welp.  it's 5:00 and my last day of work so i'm off to grab cocktails with my fellow realtors.
malbecs for me of course.

August 28, 2012

my travel advice.

{a few words i live by.}

this is my last week of work and i can't stop dreaming of my upcoming trip to argentina.
i'm mainly concerned with what i'll wear down there.
i know, life can really be tough sometimes.
while i ponder if i should purchase new white jeans or just simply buy them down there...
...but what if i get wine on them?...
take a look at my travel advice on the great travel blog: A and B C the World.

August 27, 2012

a sunday morning.

{author unknown but i really like this quote}
we decided to have a ladies day on a boat this past sunday morning.
mimosas and brunch made it all perfect
as we cruised around Jackson Lake.
you can still see the haze in these photos from the forest fires
but a little rain that afternoon made the valley clear again.
fingers are crossed that it stays this way.

August 24, 2012

the cabin, 90 years, and skeeters.

jeffers has been renting out this amazingly charming cabin for the past 7 winters.
its part of granite canyon ranch just north of jackson and owned by the sweetest couple, dick and dottie.
sidenote: dick and dottie are also parents to a son who happens to be the CEO and president of a little company that starts with pata and ends with gonia.
only my favorite outdoors brand ever.
anywho, dick turned 90 yesterday and had a little party at the ranch with all of his family and friends.
he made a toast to all of those special in his life and even gave a shout out to jeffers.
besides getting eaten alive by skeeters, it was so much fun to hear toasts from all of dick's lifelong friends.
"we met back in 1950!"
"dick taught me to drink whiskey....the wyoming way!"
"we skied together before there even was a resort!"
it all made my heart melt.

{maxi dress: tibi, old (loving this one) // jacket: banana republic (similar, similar) // shades: kate spade}
{attack of the skeeters}
{a wyoming staple}
{i mean....this guy was awesome}

{jeffers and the birthday man}
and i may have told his son that neon-patagonia-fleeces-never-went-out-of-style-so-could-you-please-have-them-in-next-season
on that note, you're welcome.

August 20, 2012

two spring seasons.

the summer sales are finally here!
that statement usually makes me a sad pup knowing the summer is almost to an end,
but with my upcoming trip to argentina (see here)
i'm taking full advantage of the summer sales online racks.
i couldn't be more excited to go from spring to summer to spring again!
above are a few of my current sale favorites that i'll be taking with me down south.
snag these bad boys up and stretch out summer as long as you can.

August 16, 2012

hazy days.

{top: etsy // jeans: marc jacobs (similar and on sale!) // heels: cole haan (similar) // bag: vintage // gold cuff: vintage // sunglasses: urban outfitters //coral necklace: lilly pulitzer}
you wanna know what's not fun?
attempting to train for a marathon with all of this crazy forest fire smoke.
forest fires everywhere seem to be planting their co2 emissions right smack dab in this valley.
although i usually find every excuse in the book to not run,
i ran 14 miles this past saturday and i figured if i've made it that far,
might as well keep on truckin'.

you wanna know what is fun?
your boyfriend telling you he found this vintage rainbow plaid top on etsy.
for $12!
and buying it for me.  
(just go with it people... don't question why my boyfriend even knows what etsy is)

August 14, 2012

egg phone.

1. this weekend was amazing. surfing the tetons on jackson lake are a summer must.
2. some of the newest designs from padgett.
3. friends in town from home.  gotta show off my tetons!
4. real cowboy spurs.
5. sunsets don't get old around here.
6. only 8 weeks to go until the chicago marathon.  these shoes kick butt for training.

*find me on instagram: meagtheegg

August 9, 2012

a greenhouse in idaho.

{basil and a butterfly}

my jeffers, the handy man, see here
drove me over the pass into idaho to check out this greenhouse he made.
its been a year and all of the plants are in full bloom and d-lish.
i was beyond impressed and it was pretty dang cute to see him so proud.
we added some of the sweet toppings from the greenhouse onto our pizzas
then popped them into this handmade (not-by-jeff-but-don't-worry-i-put-it-on-the-list) brick-oven.
i'm telling ya, the best za's i've ever had!
click here to see what i wore.

well. made.

2. shades

i'm hosting a giveaway over at one of my favorite fashion stops, awkward girls.
clearly because i'm an awkward girl.
and they've got good taste, in my book.
head on over for a chance to win some mula to madewell.

August 6, 2012

i'm heading to....


Pinned Image
i'll be heading down to mendoza, argentina to help out in the wine world.
i mean...
two spring seasons in one year?
learning about my beloved malbecs?
attempting to tango?
sign me up!..........oh wait, i already did.
a little buenos aires street fashion to get me pumped on blogging from the southern hemisphere.

all photos from the amazing blog, on the corner.
okay, off to dust off my rossetta stone.

August 3, 2012

watch out chuck town.

do you know taylor from anticipation?
well if not, you need to.
she's a blogger friend with serious artistic abilities, you guys.
her blog is full of her incredible art work that i ooh and ahh over on the daily.
i'm helping to plan my bestie's bach party and i had this lightbulb moment.
i was all like, taylor should do a picture of the bride to be!
and boom, done deal.
let's just say........the bride cried when she saw it.

and if anyone is in chuck town that weekend, watch out.
we're taking that city by storm.