October 31, 2012

the buckin' pumpkin.

happy halloweenie my friends.
i'm currently spending the day of the dead in the colombian airport.
with the most fantastic view.
awaiting my flight to argentina!
these photos are from my time in upstate new york with jeffers and his family.
clearly, his pumpkin dominated the contest.

October 27, 2012

the biggest rookie move.

i have a confession to make.
{deep breaths}
i lost my passport.
i know. i know. i know.
i'm an idiot.
like, biggest rookie travel move, ever.
i hesitated for a few days before deciding to post this but i gotta keep it real over here at the egg.
and since i'm blogging about my adventures, i couldn't leave this minor detail out.

first of all, i took it out to the bars.
dumb. dumb. dumb.
in new york city.
dumb and dumber....the sequel.
do you know how much a us passport goes for these days?

anyways, my anxiety level the next day was through the roof and i immediately panicked as i thought about my entire trip ending right then and there.
all the money i had saved.  all the plans i had made.  all of the places to see.  people to meet.  WINE TO DRINK!
alas, my girlfriends forced me to take many a deep breaths and i was able to get an appointment at a passport agency in connecticut the next day.
"soooo, you were born in ohio, your old passport is from colorado, you now live in wyoming, your parents are in florida, and you lost your passport in nyc while making your way to argentina......and now you are in connecticut?????" says the agent.
"yep.  oh, and not sure if you noticed but my birthday is tomorrow.  just in case you needed to know {eh hem} my birth date."
8 hours and $200 later..... i am again a traveller of the world.

October 24, 2012

upstate ny {part 2}.

{cutest little house on lake george}
{fall foliage in the north east}
{teaching me to sail}

can we talk about how cute that house on lake george is?
or how pretty the fall foliage was?
or how awesome it was to sail with jeff's family?
that part was my favorite.
or....how about how disheveled i look after i arrived back in NYC?
that's what i'm looking like these days, my friends.
backpack...leather coat...covered by rain jacket...two totes...a suitcase...and heels.
i'm not lying when i say i knocked over 4 people on the train.
all i need now is a neon sign that flickers vagabond above my head and things will be just perfect.

October 18, 2012

upstate ny {part 1}.

this is my first time to upstate new york and it won't be my last.
we've been staying on beautiful lake george eyeing the vibrantly changing leaves.
and taking full advantage of the empty lake with quiet boat rides and sails all to ourselves. 
jeffers made this adirondack chair a few years ago and it now lives on a point of its own.
we are here until tomorrow so stay tuned for more photos!

October 15, 2012

egg life.


1. big cities have the best bakery windows.
2. there is no such thing as runner's high.  
i like to call it "runner-turns-into-robotic-mode-and-then-your-entire-body-feels-like-death". 
i had a minor crisis before the big run when i realized that the race wasn't giving out my life saving goo's until mile 17. thank the lord i discovered The Flipbelt at the runner's expo the day before.  i filled that puppy to the rim with goo's.
it would have been a real tragedy, folks. 
3. my bestie is a wiz at DIYs.  
4. jeffer's only request in NYC....indoor bocce in the upper east side.
5. stop # 3:  upstate new york, his hometown.
6. i'm not complaining with the scenery.

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October 11, 2012

LOTM: Outside Everywhere

how cute is this geometric wooden necklace from outside everywhere?
i barely packed any jewelry for my big trip but was happy to take a little piece of the mountains with me on my journey.
last night i wore it out to dinner in NYC and it will be making its way down south with me as well.
it seriously goes with anything and i'm eyeing this neon version, here.

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October 10, 2012

my key to packing.

i'm now in NYC, the second stop on my 3 month excursion.
while i'm here i'm stocking up on transitional pieces for all of the quick seasons i'll be experiencing.
autumn in new york. > beach time in charleston, s.c. > spring time in argentina. >
holidays in ohio. > a wedding in nola over new years eve.
all out of a carry-on and a backpack.
how is it possible you ask?
my solution: versatility!
i'm eyeing the above to work well on many stops throughout my journey.

October 8, 2012


{mile 26}
{new favorite running accessory: the flipbelt}

i completed the chicago marathon yesterday.
currently can't feel my legs.
i kept thinking back to my first training run 9 months ago in february in jackson hole.
i could barely run 1 mile and i remember telling myself, "this is probably a bad idea."
i trained through snow, ice, rain, and forest fire smoke.
not once did my feet touch a treadmill. 

to all of you who trained with me, especially julie my training buddy...
to all of my friends who politely reminded me, "how far are you running tomorrow?"...
to jeff for feeding me correctly, taking away that extra glass of vino, and standing there at the finish line...
to all of those who donated on my behalf to the american heart association...
the biggest thank you from the very bottom of my heart!
the love and support from all of my family, friends, and bloggers helped carry my shuffling body across the finish line. 

and i didn't poop my pants!
that alone is an accomplishment in itself.

in other blogging news, i'm the featured blogger over at InPink today, click here

October 2, 2012

this week.

this week is race week.
its been 9 months of training and i'm ready for the chicago marathon.
i think.

this week has been gorgeous in the tetons.
i love me some indian summers and bright yellow aspen leaves.
happy to experience fall in the mountains this year.

this week is the start to my trip.
packing for 3 months is a hard task
but i'll pick some things up along my way.

this week is the week i've been dreaming of for years. 
you only live once, people.
get out and see the world.