September 28, 2010


{le love}
babs is in town and i'm so happy.
hiked around jenny lake on sunday so she could see the gorgeous fall colors.  she hasn't seen fall for 5 years!
followed by spa day at the incredible four seasons and sushi.
its so nice to have my momma in town. she's my fave. and amazing.

September 24, 2010

b. kincaid

now that the summer is over, i'd like to share something with you that made me laugh all summer long. first of all, you should all know that our little town gets overrun by tourist during the summer season. being only 45 minutes away from yellowstone and next to grand teton national park, it seems like an obvious stop for all of the griswold families of america.
fanny packs. convertible pants. visors. you name it.

i'd say most if not all of those griswolds out there rent RVs to make their way across the west.
99.9% of them chose 1-800-RV4Rent, like the one you see below... decided to make their RVs a little more family friendly this year by adding family vacation photos to the side of all of their RVs.
i counted 6 different "styles" you could choose from. all ridiculously outdated.
the one above was extremely popular...

while roadbiking through grand teton national park earlier this summer, those cute little red heads caught my attention. maybe because of their sweet early 90's outfits?
no....i recognized them for some reason...
i looked a little closer and yes, that little red head above the gas tank was indeed my college buddy brett kincaid.

ofcourse i immediately asked him in the least creepy way possible if he was on the side of 1-800-RV4-Rents.
confirmed! the kincaid sibs were all over america this summer. amazing.

obviously i had to snap some photos with b. kincaid
 hanging with b. and his sibs

little b. cute! (and look at those kicks!)

Seeing this once was comical but seeing this every. single. day. was beyond hilarious.
if i was having a bad day and the kincaid mobile cruised by, i'd immediately laugh and my day was better.
all of my friends knew of the kincaid mobile...they were everywhere
i even saw not a double, but a TRIPLE kincaid sighting while sitting at a red light.

i hope they come back next summer.

September 20, 2010

Ski Lake Hike

hiking to ski lake


burt and leo plus shady lady

made it!

mandatory rock skipping contest. i won.

w, burt, leo, and shady lady taking a dip

post secret

i discovered the post secret book a few years ago in a boulder book store.
have you ever checked out their website? i love.
some secrets are really sad, depressing, insane but i personally enjoy the hilarious and uplifting ones.
some of my favorites....

what's your post secret?

September 16, 2010

leed ap

adderall donations can be made to:
3415 N. Pines Way, Suite 104
Wilson, WY 83014

September 15, 2010

faux nanny

its been an interesting week so far to say the least.
i got an emergency phone call on monday afternoon from this new family in town.
they flew back to california for the week and left their 4 year old here with her nanny.

well, nanny had to go to the hospital.
they had no one else to call
their house is locked.
nanny is in hospital.
meagan has no toys. or snacks.

{for those who can't read kid...this says 'I love Meagan. I love Clancy"}

luckily the 4 year old has school each day but guess what, she's been crashin' at my place.
yes, three nights in a row.
don't get me wrong, i love toddlers.
i just love them more when they aren't totally off their schedule, have toys, and sleep in their own beds.
i barely have enough food in my fridge for me.
i made the mistake of taking her to the grocery store yesterday.
it was a mini nightmare and i made the decision in the frozen food section that i will not allow my future kids to go to the grocery store until they are atleast 10.

other than that, she's been pretty hilarious.
she wears her shoes on the wrong feet and i have only 2 sets of clothes for her so i tried to get creative this morning.
i was legitimately worried the other 4 year olds were going to make fun of her outfit, until i saw a little girl wearing orange and pink head to toe.

September 10, 2010

boots wit da fur

ok not really with fur but these will do...

boots are a necessity in wyoming. everyone should own atleast a few pairs (not including cowboy boots)
therefore, i do not feel bad splurging on a new pair every year. i'll definitely get my money's worth.
requirements: warm, chic, warm, functional, warm, versatile, warm, and most importantly, prevent me from falling on my face on the winter ice

some that have caught my eye:
Cynthia Vincent Tansy
Madewell the Archive Leather Boot
ROSEGOLD Verve Suede Boots
Frye Carmen Harness Tall

September 9, 2010

new pants (costume) for the man

someone is turning 15 next month on halloween. that's right, 105 doggie years old.
in honor of his 15th bday, and his love for dressing up, i think clancy-pants deserves a new costume.
kind of like a sweet 16 dress but for a dog, a boy dog.
money isn't an issue here people, when was the last time your dog turned 15??
......any suggestions?

September 2, 2010

my little brother spent almost an entire month with me in jackson before his big move to l.a.
we planned a big hike this past sunday but thunderstorms turned us away.
we decided to head over the pass to idaho for a lazy sunday afternoon drive
with huckleberry milkshakes, ofcourse.
Victor Emporium: world's best huckleberry milkshakes

drive by this truck everytime i go to idaho, about time to snap a photo

the spudd drive-in

giant potato
good sunday :)

September 1, 2010

hankering after


currently snowing on the top of the mountain so i guess autumn is upon us...

byrna nicole serrano leather bag; madewell denim shirt; who doesn't need a moustache brooch?