January 30, 2012

four daughters.

one of my favorite family run shops in town.
this joint is filled with unique and inspiring western pieces.
i could get lost in here for hours.
one of kind pieces, jewelry, art, furniture, even ski wine racks!
my friend lyle and her sister jesse (2 of 4 daughters) run the place.
its obvious they've put their heart and soul into their little shop.
do yourself a favor and cruise on by next time you are in town square.
{soooo many fun things!}
{jewelry + vintage}
{these cowboy belt buckles are my favorite}
{saddle and holster mirror, yes please!.....everyone needs their own cowboy}

to check out four daughters website, click here.

January 26, 2012

a mink dilemma.

i'm by no means a style blogger so bear with me here folks.
things might get awkward.
i'm having a little fur fashion issue and i need your advice!
to vest or not to vest.
that is the question.

that right there is my mom's VINTAGE mink coat from the 80's
pretty rad, right?
well it's a wee bit big on me....or maybe the shoulder pads are throwing me off.
the big issue, you see, is that no one but tourists wear fur in jackson hole.
i'm debating if i should keep this bad boy as is and just rocking it
turn it into a vest + maybe a few more vests + headbands for all my friends.
what would you do!?

January 24, 2012

the art of making pasta.

i'm a sucker when it comes to cooking classes
its so much fun to get your hands dirty with a real pro.
i went to the aspen's market pasta making dinner and had such a good time.
joel was awesome, telling us stories about his time spent in Italy learning to cook all types of pasta.
he showed us how to make fettucini, ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle, and agnolotti.
after his demonstrations, we all dined on our homemade ravioli filled with butternut squash and fettucini topped with an incredible bolognese sauce.

if you are going to be in the jackson hole area this winter season,
hop over to Dishing's website to check out a schedule of upcoming classes!

January 23, 2012

i can't feel my legs.

row 1: jeffers had a bloody nose so HE decided to shove a tampon up his face....a lot of down time in between powder days with my cozy cabin slippers.
row 2: powder essentials for this chick: tram bars and tylenol.....blue bird powder day on sublette
row 3: hiking the headwall via the elevator aka STF (straight the f*ck up). my legs hate me..... one of my favorite apres ski drinks, cascade's blood orange margarita.

5 feet of snow in 5 days.
powder days every day at jhmr.
for reals though, i can barely move.
but so very worth it!

P.S. Jackson Hole Featured on VOGUE!

January 19, 2012

holy snow.

finally, a blizzard!
my car yesterday afternoon and then this morning.
there was a foot of snow on the SIDE of my car.
didn't know that was possible.
this storm ain't stopping anytime soon, kiddos.
i'd take an "after" photo but i kind of needed my car to go skiing today.
i mean.........to go to work.
happy powder day!

January 16, 2012

yoga today.

calling all yogis.
have you heard of Yoga Today?
if not, you need to know about this amazing website.
set in jackson hole, these fine ladies bring you incredibly awesome yoga classes
right here on them internets.
crazy beautiful settings make you feel like you are practicing in the tetons.
oh, and they have a ton of free classes!
everything yoga from beginning series to weight loss to pose specific
Yoga Today is a must for all of you yoga lovers.

a dog and his truck.

this is osker.
and his badass jeep.
i love them both.
a dog + cool truck = mountain lifestyle necessities.

January 13, 2012

two years later.

i'm so proud to share this video.
two years ago BOTH of my parents flew down to Haiti just one week after the earthquake.
you can read more about their story here.
my dad is in the panama hat (always so stylish).
my mom is in the blue scrub hat.
they saved so many lives with barely anything to work with.
such little angels....those parental units of mine.

*beware some frightening images below*

January 11, 2012

i live in a snow globe.

bird's eye view of town this morning.
surprise snow storm last night!

photo by Don Watkins

January 9, 2012

a very concerned father.

so as many of you know, i recently started blogging for these girls.
i get to write and photograph all things delicious around town.
a few of my posts here and here.
my dad is my biggest supporter of the egg and apparently, very concerned for me.
an email over the weekend from my pops:

Meagan. I'm really enjoying your blog. Lately I've noticed some beautiful pictures of delictable food entrees and desserts. Please be careful! I don't want you to get fat!
Love, Dad

the guy seriously cracks me up.

January 6, 2012

oh, the almond joy!

recently i ate at the famous cowboy steakhouse for the first time since i've lived in jackson.
after eating an entire steak to myself, i wasn't sure i had any more belly room.
being one of those people who doesn't pass on dessert, i ordered the new almond joy sundae.
i couldn't help but smile as our waiter brought out this monster of deliciousness.

let me outline this delight for you from bottom to top:
the most perfectly baked chocolate brownie covered in gooey chocolate sauce.
homemade coconut ice-cream. 
more amazing gooey chocolate sauce.
fluffy whipped cream.
topped with coconut shavings, crunchy almonds, and two cherries. 
best to share with multiple people but don't be too generous, dive in to get a spoonful of everything!

January 5, 2012

can't be without.

one of my favorite bloggers Maple + Shade asked me to do a guest post
about what i can't live/work without in jackson hole.
the full post should be up soon over at her blog
i thought i'd share a few things i can't do without in the hole:

cannot live without
1. i carry my hobo clutch everywhere.
2. this patagonia down works great for both skiing and showing property. so many awesome colors every season.
3. if you are a mac user, this little gem keeps your mac safe. trust me, invest....only $20!
4. stylish anthro bedding keeps me warm and cozy during the long winter months.
5. a gift to myself after i sold my first house. dress her up, dress her down, i take this little lady everywhere....even dubai!
6. one can never have too many pairs of frye boots out west.
7. greatest product ever invented.  i have one in every coat, every purse, my car, my office, and ski pants.

cannot work without
1. the otterbox might be bulky but it protects my iphone from the snow.  i have to take it with me when i ski!  my emails are non-stop.
2. my new blogging job requires me to snap photos all over town.  the 60D is light and easy to use.
3. my mom always said that people will take you more seriously when your nails look good.  my favorite polish, midnight red.  mom is always right.
4. my around-the-office moccasins.  very comfy and not too casual for when clients pop in.
5. i need music 24/7.  at my office and on the slopes.  this app is perfect.
6. go ahead and laugh but this medicine ball has been my best friend for 3 years.  sometimes i do ab workouts when no one is looking....and its a great ice-breaker when new customers walk into my office!

what are your absolute must-haves? 

January 4, 2012

shabby + apple.

hi friends, hope you are all enjoying 2012!
one of my favorite online boutiques, shabby apple
is offering a huge discount for the new year.
a few picks above that i absolutely love.
all perfect for the casual mountain lifestyle.

the sale lasts through the end of january!
enter NEWYEAR at checkout and enjoy 20% off the entire site. excluding side saddle line.
happy shopping!