June 30, 2012

heat wave.

{skirt: c/o sugarlips // tank: anthro (old) // earrings: c/o the flock // hat, belt, bracelet: vintage // booties: steve madden // osker: c/o jeff}
there is only a short window in jackson when no jacket is necessary in the evenings.
right now, i'm taking full advantage of leaving the house in only light weight clothes.
this skirt from sugarlips was perfect for meeting up with friends for a bite to eat.
it couldn't have matched my feather earrings more perfectly.
i scooped up my favorite vintage hat in town for only five buckaroos and we are kind of in love this summer.

speaking of heat, everyone stop what you are doing and go do a rain dance for my beloved colorado.
a big chunk of my heart is in CO after going to school there and i don't like these forest fires one bit.
i'm serious......rain dance!

June 29, 2012

i sure do miss this face.

i put my beloved clancy man down over a year and a half ago.
click here for the sob story.
everyone who knows me knows that we were soul mates.
sorry jeff.
he was my best bud for 15 years, went to college with me, and came to work everyday.
i'm constantly being asked "when will you get a new dog?"
honestly, i'm still holding on to this guy and feel guilty even thinking about it!
is this normal or am i being crazy?

June 26, 2012

hidden gems.

{i know nudity is like illegal on blogs (hide yo kids) but this picture of jeff and his dad is too cute}
after years of living in the mountains, i forget what boring feels like.
its like endless fun in my hood.
on sunday jeff and i took his parents to jackson lake, one of my favorite summer spots.
we decided to take an unmarked dirt road and stumbled upon the spalding bay boat launch.
it was quite and peaceful and we set up camp for the day to kayak and eat sammies.
while showing his parents a map of grand teton national park,
i discovered two ocean lake, which i'd never even heard of.
not sure how i missed that one....
dearest jackson ladies, behold our newest lay out spot.

June 25, 2012

Jackson Folk. {meet, blair}

the beautiful blair from Delight By Design was in town last week.
she recently moved from jackson hole to chicago to work on her design career.
we met up for a sunny breakfast at one of her favorite spots in town, shades cafe.
over burritos and coffee we talked about her missing jackson hole, blogs, and running marathons. (eek)
blair just launched her own website which offers interior design for all homeowners, even those on a budget. check it out here.
her blog makes me swoon every time i take a peek.
blair was kind enough to answer a few questions as the newest addition to Jackson Folk.

How did you get into Interior Design out West?
The short answer - being passionate, persistent and impulsive!

What took you to Chicago and any plans to return?
My family and the desire to really give my interior design career a shot. It felt like the “adult thing” to do.  As for moving back, especially after this past trip - yes!! However, I know I still have more I need to accomplish in Chicago before I can really let myself indulge in thoughts of rejoining mountain life. 

Scariest thing about starting your own business?
I would say it was the telling the first person about the idea for my firm, of making high end design accessible to anyone anywhere, and thinking "god I hope they get it!" It is an approach that many other designers frown upon (it can be a pretentious industry) so the potential backlash was a bit scary. However, I believe in what I am doing, as it broke my heart seeing homeowners get turned away from traditional designers just because they didn’t meet a minimum budget or room requirement.

Where to you get your inspirations for Delight by Design?
I read a ton --- on everything from fashion, travel to architecture. My office walls and floors are covered in torn out pages, which is where most posts start. And this may be random but I am really inspired by fretwork, which started when I was in Italy and Spain last year—I have over 300 photos of fretwork from the trip, everything from sewer drains to windows.

Favorite place to shop for interiors online?
For splurges, I would say South of the Market and Pieces. For selection, zinc door is amazing, as is Shop Candelabra.  For budget friendly items--I love Shades of Light!

What did you do for your 30th birthday weekend while you were here in Jackson?
It was amazing and exhausting! I just couldn’t let myself waste a second of the trip by resting, as I am sure Meagan realized from my glazed expression when we had breakfast! I spent a ton of time with friends, took some runs up in the park, hiked Snow King, visited the LSR Preserve (one of my favorite places), experimented with the effects of combining Makers Mark and altitude, paddle boarded for the first time, canoed up at Oxbow bend, and laughed more than I have for a very long time.  

What do you miss most about Jackson?
Ummm…everything, even mud season! I have lived there on and off since I was 15-- it feels like home and is one of the only places I am truly myself. The people and the beauty of the valley always inspire me.

Absolute must-do in town?
Spending an active day outdoors and then treating yourself to a Bugermiester and Spaten at Steiglers. Pretty much my perfect Jackson day!

June 22, 2012

dinner and a facelift.

{blazer: zara // tank: free people (old) // maxi skirt: u.o. // belt: from nicaragua // booties: steve madden}

jeffer's parents are in town for the arrival of the newest grandchild.
we decided to let them have a baby break and took them to dinner, just the 4 of us.
my friend's band, PTO, plays every wednesday night on the deck of Cafe Genevieve.
the mountain air can turn pretty chilly once the sun goes down,
so i decided to wear a maxi skirt with this fun jacket from zara.
i wanted to look wholesome for the boyfriend's parents, ya know?
that fried chicken above is the most delicious fried chicken in town.
hands down.

in other exciting news, the egg got a facelift!
the blog people.....the blog.
what do you think of the changes around here?
i wanted it to be a little more serious but still a fun place to visit.
a HUGE thank you to the guys over a ebb & flow media for hookin' a sista up!

stay tuned for some more exciting things happening around these parts.
until then, happiest weekending.

June 20, 2012


quentin tarantino's latest work of art was partially filmed in my backyard.
see all of those snowy mountain scenes?
what up jackson hole!?!?
i happened to meet good old quentin back in february while they were here filming, click here.
he's a real goon but who doesn't love his movies?
and some leo, duh.

June 18, 2012


{dress: anthro (similar) // belt: vintage // sunnies: target}
this is my serious face.
and my most favorite dress.
and my go-to outfit for summer dinners in the mountains.
and it was windy.
so im serious about my dress not flying in my face.
cus that show ain't free kids.

p.s. i'm featured over here at pocket change as one of their "best of the webs". 
thanks pocket change!

June 15, 2012

proudest faux auntie.

jeffer's older brother just had his third boy yesterday.
lucky for me, they live in jackson.
i'm the proudest faux auntie that ever lived!!!
(i enjoy coining terms, thanks)
i'll be spending my weekend with this little nugget.
hope you all have a wonderful summer weekend!

June 14, 2012

32 years plus.

{my favorite photo hanging in my room. my parents in the 70's}
dearest mom and dad,
you guys were smokin'!
here's to another 32 years of marriage.
thanks for setting a great example for the boys and me.
i love you.

your favorite child daughter,
the egg.

June 11, 2012

details. details.

my good friend has a wedding coming up and asked me to help her find
a statement piece necklace for under $100.
her dress is very similar to the dress above but a deep v-neck, perfect for some bling!
she's tall, blonde, and beautiful but
she's also classy, a little preppy, and a lot of fun.
i kept that all in mind and i put my online shopping skills(z) to the test
this is what i came up with:

1. Bauble Bar Midas Leaf Bib

which would you choose?

June 8, 2012

the wheeler bros.

{celebrating backstage post show}
have you heard of the wheeler brothers yet?
well if not, let me introduce you to your new favorite band.
these guys played at the Pink Garter Theater on tuesday and rocked it.
the band is made up of 3 wheeler bros (patrick, tyler, and nolan) plus aj molyneaux and danny matthews.
not only did they play a free show, they bought the entire audience a round of drinks.
i do not lie.
they are currently on tour this summer so check out if they are hitting your neck of the woods, here.
they head back to their hometown austin, tx this fall to play austin city limits.
you best be checking these boys out!

*local note: special thanks to Poppa Presents!

here's a video of my favorite wheeler brothers tune.  enjoy:

June 7, 2012

egg phone.

1. string lake canoe sessions are the absolute best for summer sundays.
2. jeffers and i tried to go for a 3 mile trail run.....which turned into a 12 mile hike.
with. no. water.
why yes, park ranger, i have lived here for 4 years.
and yes, we have matching bandanas.
3. mountain sunsets over the grand teton.
4. first bike ride of the year......to teton thai.
5. at least we found some morels while lost in the woods.
6. blue coat, blue pants, blue car.  me + blue = true.

don't forget about my ski wine rack giveaway here!

June 4, 2012

give + away. {ski wine rack}

happy monday friends!
i'm hosting my own personal give away today.
win this vintage dynastar ski wine rack made by my handy jeffers.
also known as the man behind the headboard, here.
let your vinos (or pellegrinos!) have some fun.

to enter, head over to my facebook page!
leave a comment letting me know you did so.

1 entry for liking my face book page.
2 entries for liking my giveaway post.
3 entries for sharing my post.

winner chosen this friday!!

June 1, 2012

no title needed.

everest got his hair did.
words aren't needed here, friends.
until next time.