September 29, 2011

autumn colors.

{fields of gold}
{rich ambers}
{hints of yellow in a green tree.  summer is still holding on}
{mountain sun alpenglows}
**photos by me

September 26, 2011

runner's high.

{pic by running partner, aj puccia}
i finished my first half-marathon!
i thought it was going to be painful but it ended up being so much fun.
as you can see from the pic above, the scenery wasn't too shabby.
i was pretty proud of myself considering i have a herniated disc in my back.
i managed to run the whole thing with no backpain!
training works, folks.
congrats to everyone who finished!
especially my bad ass friends who did the FULL.

September 20, 2011

modern fam in jhole.

last month, the incredibly hilarious Modern Family filmed their season premiere in jackson.
unfortunately i didn't get to meet my hero, al bundy....
they filmed at the gorgeous Lost Creek Ranch
and i seriously can not wait.
cam on a horse, on a horse.

the show airs tomorrow night on abc!

September 18, 2011

knock off.

i have to say that after living in a teeny mountain town for 3 full years,
i've become quite saavy with zee online shopping.
i'm all about shopping local and supporting jackson hole businesses
BUT i can't always afford to shop the designer brands our little boutiques offer.
two winters ago i bought a pair of knock off frye boots from target and they received compliments
all. the. time.
i politely smile and then chuckle inside knowing that i'll probably spend more on my bar tab for the night.

with fall approaching, i thought it only appropriate to share some of my latest knock off finds.
rock em like the real deals and save yourself some mula!

September 16, 2011


half-marthon is next saturday.
view from my 10 mile run yesterday.
all together now.... "aaaaaaahhhhh"
love this place.

September 13, 2011

the way they glisten.

ben & jerry's latest flavor.....

for a limited time only.
i suggest you get your hands on these balls.

September 12, 2011


a 10k run that is.
on saturday my friend's and i ran the old bill's fun run for charity.
still summer here in the hole!

September 10, 2011


this weekend is the western design conference in jhole.
its kind of like fashion week but for western folk.
on thursday night, along with about 20 other jackson girls,
we modeled some incredible jewelry at the fashion show.
i was SO thrilled when Heidi from Paris Montana asked me to wear her gorgeous, gorgeous gems.
click here to check out her online store.

{the lovely designer heidi!}
{how cool is this?}
{rodeo queen of everything necklace}

September 5, 2011

cabin fever.

home away from home.

September 1, 2011

be there. or be square.

my friend morris is one of the most talented photographers.....ever.
for serious.
i'm slightly obsessed with his work.
he snapped photos of clancy pants, here, and i'm in love with them all.

tonight he's hosting a party and you should go:


to see the incredible photos from his trip or to buy any prints click here.
helloooo, national geo.  call this guy.