December 29, 2011

Après Lounge.

I had no idea until after a few runs last weekend that Osteria has opened a new Après hot spot.
It's located just outside the restaurant in the lounge of Hotel Terra.
My friends and I kicked backed for some brews by the cozy fire.
We ordered right from the lounge and soon devoured the fried brussel sprouts with pomegranate, a couple orders of the delicious truffle fries, and the new tequila lime chicken drumsticks. 
Combine all of that with the perfect relaxation cocktail and I entered Après ski heaven.

December 25, 2011

merry merry.

love the murtagh family!

December 17, 2011

raw diamonds.

all i want for christmas is...
this $176,000 todd reed covered-in-ALL-DIAMONDS-yes-those-stones-in-the-middle-are-raw-diamonds-no-big-deal-i-think-it-was-made-for-me necklace.
oh, and world peace.

that's not asking for much, right?

found at Tayloe Piggott gallery.
if santa was wondering.

December 13, 2011

big news.

dearest egg readers,
i'm very excited to announce big news!
you're looking at the newest contributing blogger to the Jackson Hole magazine, Dishing.
i'm so 2011.
the pretties above just launched their new website where you will soon find the egg linked up.
the magazine launched this week and literally made my mouth water just flipping the pages.
it's all about dining out in JH, sipping vino, cooking, must have recipes, and much more.

the egg will be dishing on local events, getting my drink on, and eating... a lot.
i promise you'll enjoy.

December 12, 2011

white elephants.

are my friends.

white elephant gift exchange.
twas a success.
tis the season.

and the winner of the glass ornament is...
{thank you}

email me to claim your prize.....congrats, girl!

December 9, 2011

me at parties.

thank you a cup of jo.
i don't think anything has ever described me so perfectly.

don't forget to entre my personal give + away for a fun new ornament!
{click here to enter}

December 8, 2011

made by the egg.

i've been busy getting my christmas on
and i wanted share the pretties.
it's been freezing in jhole this week
but i've been nice and toasty in the glassblowing studio.
the boys and i are cranking out glass ornaments like mad!

{liquid hot magma - [insert dr. evil voice]}

want one for this holiday season?
if you are interested in purchasing
they are selling for $25 each.  i'll throw in free shipping.
email me at meagan{dot}murtagh@gmail{dot}com
all proceeds go towards our hot shop.

oh hell, tis the season!
i'll pick one of you lucky readers and send you one on me.
leave a comment...
follow me....
spread the word...
you know the drill.

December 6, 2011


when it comes to all things hair,
i'm clueless.
i wore a pony tail until....oh wait, i still do.  a lot.
luckily, my glassblowing pal, rob, owns the amazing salon Frost.  (click here) 
no, his name is not rob frost.
but i like to call him that anyways.

rob is extremely talented when it comes to the hair biz.
if you live in jackson, do yourself a favor and book him!
even if he's a few months out.  SO worth it.
if you are ever in jackson, seriously stop in Frost and get your hair dids.

December 4, 2011

Jackson Folk {meet, cat}

this is my second edition of Jackson Folk
and it's a special one.
not only is cat a crazy carefree character and sometimes in her own world...
she is insanely loving, creative, and always up for something awesome.
one of the biggest joys for me moving out west is meeting people like cat.

name: cat campbell
hometown: atlanta. (my southern peach )
time spent in JHole:  5 years....on and off
interesting fact: ran the jackson hole marathon with 6 days of training.  no joke.

what brought you to the wild west?
At 16, I was introduced to the Rockies for the first time by my aunt and uncle. They took me skiing in a tiny town called Crested Butte, Colorado and then later took me to their home in Big Mountain, Montana. It was the summer before I started college. I learned to fly-fish, developed a taste for microbrews, fell in love with bluegrass music, and discovered Glacier Nat. Park. It was only a matter of time before I would live amongst the strange wildflowers and big, chilly rivers.

be honest, how many jobs have you had in jackson?
I'm pretty familiar with the Jackson Shuffle. I counted at least 25 different jobs in the past 4 years. I have waited tables, cooked, even washed dished, modeled for world class artists, styled mansion, assisted photo shoots, personal assisted, dog sat, house sat, babysat, written for the local paper, sold paintings, taught children how to ski, and guided tours at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, you name it.  However, the one job that I want to be remembered for that has always been my proudest since the very beginning is being a Teacher.

how many times have you left jackson only to return because its the greatest place ever?
I spent my first summer guiding teens through Costa Rica. Later that year, I took off on an open-ended fly fishing trip throughout the West, British Colombia, and the Pacific Northwest. The following Spring, my aunt and uncle invited me to sail with them for a passage of their voyage around the world. I literally gave up everything in my life - love, job, family, security- for the sake of following my heart. Let's just say that I jumped on a motorcycle and went on the ride of my life through the Andes. I found paradise on a macadamia farm in Colombia, backpacked through Ecuador, a blazed a trail through Peru. 

The last time I left Jackson was to take a long walk on the Appalachian Trail with my beautiful cousin, Anne-Marie. Then I went to Italy. I guess what ultimately brought me back to Jackson this last time was to fly fish and drink Moscow Mules with my “gnomies” in Montana. That’s another annual tradition. I guess you could say that I am a nut for tradition. I like to keep the streak going.

biggest Jackson thrill?
We have Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park in our backyard!  Plus there are a lot of fearless inhabitants always encouraging another journey. Jackson thrills are big and small, daily, and endless.

craziest Jackson memory?
Spontaneously driving to the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010. We got to see the US Men take Gold in the Bobsled. Or the 1st ever 80's Ladies Ski Ballet that you organized. Tough call. I like to have my cake and eat it too.

so the biggest questions we all have..... do you know where your dog, Boo, is?
Call Dispatch!  Kidding - he is coiled up in a little ball on the couch across from me wondering when we are going to go play in the snow!

December 2, 2011


do you see what i see?
that's all i get today, folks.