January 31, 2011

January 27, 2011

oh, happy day.

hope this puts a big smile on your face :)
how cute is grandpa elliott?!
have a happy, happy day.

January 26, 2011

fox street allstars

Be there.
Dancing shoes required.

January 21, 2011

passive aggressive internet connections

these made me laugh out loud.  i've had some crazy ass neighbors since i've lived in jhole.  thankfully we only get frat parties nowadays.  i can live with frozen beers on my car at 8:00 am.  thanks cats!

January 20, 2011

minus five

negative 5 degrees and sunny.
that is all.

January 18, 2011

jules, gibbs and i hit up snow king for some night skiing last week.
don't you love the old school lift ticket office?
so much fun and super cheap.  just don't venture off into the woods

January 14, 2011

have a great weekend~

skiing & 9 hour pot roast & vino & friends
have a good one!

January 12, 2011

cue {alien} music

last week my friends and i had a discussion about the world ending in 2012.
i'm a naysayer but a few of my friends (names left out to protect the gullible) are fearful that the world is over sooner rather than later.
i guess one reason to make them believe that the world is ending is something very strange that happened last week.  one of the gullible ran into our house screaming "there's something in the SKY!"  when we all ran out, we saw this (see above).

the photo stolen from jackson hole underground was not distorted in any way.
that is honestly what the night sky looked like and i was pretty creeped out.

according to jackson hole underground, when the temp drops to -20 degrees like last week, snow crystals create an illusion.  i won't bore your with my incredible scientific knowledge so you can read about it here

January 11, 2011

dubai...and then some?

ok, she doesn't exactly live in the Burj Al Arab but she has a pretty sweet view of it. my bestie lynze has been living in dubai for 3 years now and i have YET to visit.   i will be making the trip this april or may but i need some advice!  does anyone have any recommendations for other countries to visit before/after my trip to dubai?  lynze has been everywhere so i need some more feedback on other awesome places to visit for a few days to a week. 
when i was little i loved to dig in the dirt, so naturally, my first dream job was becoming an archealogist. 
that was no longer a career option when i grew up and realized dirt in your nails and hairy legs are seriously unattractive BUT i still dream of seeing the pyramids in egypt!

i hear istanbul is incredibly beautiful and the people are super friendly in turkey....am i wrong?

aahh cyprus, what is there not to like about you?  sun, beaches, island life, and mediteranean food. 
sounds like paradise.

dear world travelers, ANY SUGGESTIONS!? 

January 7, 2011

a new year

i usually find new years eve completely overrated.  plus, i've been super sick for the last two eve's so i haven't been able to enjoy myself.  this year i finally took some holiday time off and after driving 8 hrs to denver with my friend and his 90 year old great aunt stella, i flew to ohio for xmas, then back to denver for some skiing and good times.  we made it to the pepsi center for the widespread panic show (my fave band) to ring in the new year with family and friends.  we even somehow stole an empty box suite. thanks aaron!

the hippie in me suggests that you check out the show on panicstream.com, it will blow your mind!  no, but seriously, the show was amazing.  check it.

hope you all had a fun and safe nye!  cheers to a great 2011~ 

January 3, 2011

MUR-TA-GH, Murtagh Family!

{molly makes it magical}
{cousin tradition}
christmas eve has always been the murtagh's biggest celebration.
my aunt molly really outdid herself with this year's dinner menu of lobster tails, filets mignons, vino, cheesecake and endless champange.
the cousin gift exchange was hilarious and i walked away with a very western bomber hat.
it was great to see everyone but we sure did miss my parents who stayed back in florida while my dad let his heart rest.

every year we've taken the "Steps Picture" as seen above. 
as we got older and a every boy grew to over 6 feet tall, we now have to squeeze to fit us all in.
we still manage to push and shove for the best steps.
i love the murtagh clan~
ain't she a beauty?
the light tobacco leather is so much more delightful in person and i'm loving the vintage look.
i'm not one for flashy designer bags with logos galore so i think this fits me perfectly.