March 30, 2012

don't forget.

$50 kick-ass egg-press give-away.
click HERE to be entered.
happy weekending.
g-love and special sauce will be at the village.
i shall get my groove on.

March 28, 2012

scenes from la.

{venice beachin' it}
{lil brudder}
{oh hey! i heard you face planted today. cool, me too}
{so organic. so trendy}
{sunshine. i like you.}
fun fact: los angeles averages 2 inches of rain per year.
fun fact: every time i've ever been, it rains.
here are a few photos in between the rain drops, mimosas, and friend meet ups.
we surfed at manhattan beach, but i'll spare you the attractive wet suit photos.
(facebook me for more of those gems)
we met up with friends in holly-hood.
shopped on abbot kinney.
drank lots of coffees.
and didn't see any famous people.

March 27, 2012

give + away. {egg press}

{a few of my must-have egg press designs}
i'm a huge fan of the postal service.
i love getting cards, sending off cards, and spending too much time finding the perfect cards.
i came across egg press while buying valentine's cards this year.
"amazing cards. whoa, my name is on them. we need to collaborate. stat."
two eggs are better than one, am i right?

egg press has been featured on martha stewart, real simple, design sponge, apartment therapy, etc.
just to throw some big guns out there.
so with a few holidays coming up this spring...
(father's day, mother's day, easter, graduation, new babes)
they are offering one lucky egg reader a batch of 10 cards.....a $50 value!!

in order to win a batch of 10 egg press cards:
1. must be an egg follower.
2. stop by egg press and tell me your favorite card. (1 extra entry)
3. like the egg out west on facebook (2 extra entries)

winner chosen this weekend!

please email me to claim your new set of cards.

March 23, 2012

face plant + winner.

i headed to los angeles this morning to visit my little brother.
he wanted to show me his super hip office, 72 and sunny.
a super hip ad agency with super hip peeps.
while he was introducing me to his super trendy co-workers,
i completely face planted. no big deal.
"hey, i'm colin's sister!  meaaaa (insert: face plant) gan."
at least i'm wearing a leather jacket like all the chicks
and skinny jeans like all the dudes.

on a brighter note, they are almost done setting up batting cages and kegs in the office.
just your typical friday afternoon at work in super hipster world.
i think i should apply here.
i can swing bats and drink kegs with the best of 'em.

click HERE to see if you are the winner of the jackson horse shoe bracelet!

March 22, 2012


you guys.
i just booked a trip to nicaragua for the off-season!
click here, here, and here for previous off-season jaunts.
i'm so freaking excited to head down there with a good friend.
a few weeks of backpacking.
a few attempts at surfing.
a lot of much needed sunshine on this pale face.
have you been?
if so, where should we go?  anything we must do?
any recommendations are welcome!

*all images via my pinterest

March 21, 2012

give + away. {silver pencils}

today's giveaway is from another jackson hole blogger, brandi at silver pencils.
(there are only a few of us around these parts)
brandi's etsy shop has the cutest custom bridal accessories!
since i'm not getting hitched anytime soon...
i thought we could show off my fave piece from her newest jewels
and send some jackson hole love to one of you lucky egg readers out there.
who wants this adorable horseshoe bracelet!?

to be entered to win brandi's jackson hole horseshoe bracelet:
1. must be an egg follower.
2. like silver pencils on facebook (1 extra entry)
2. follow silver pencils and tell me you did so (1 extra entry)

winner chosen on friday.
ciao luvahs.

please email to claim your newest gem!

March 19, 2012


honey curried peanuts
+ fried peas
+ all you can eat
= my new favorite discovery.

snake river grill might be famous for their eskimo bars
but their nuts are something to talk about.

crack the egg on your blog.

good monday morning to you all.
hope you survived st. pat's weekend.
i took it easy and cooked up a mean corned beef recipe here
and enjoyed a few guinness(es?).

my wonderful friend hannah of maple and shade designed a new egg button.
an egg cracking open the sun on the tetons.  she is one creative lady!
copy and paste this beaut on your blogs why don't ya?
i'll leave it up at the bottom of my ads for all to snatch whenever you feel....grabby.

The Egg

March 17, 2012

why i love being irish {part 2}

if you are a new reader in the last 12 months,
click here for reasons i love my heritage.
a few more to add to the list this year:

-i've learned that kelly green is my color.  only took 26 years.
-double rainbow.  a double COMPLETE rainbow.  what does it mean?  tell me!
-lucky charms.
-notre dame vs. navy in dublin ireland 2012.  who's coming with me?

happy saint patty's laddies!

March 13, 2012

mountain contemporary.

being in real estate, i get to see some pretty amazing homes.
i've gotten to know a few designers around town that i personally adore.
grace home designs is one of them and when i buy a house of my own,
i know who i'll be calling for some inspiration!
the pops of color in this log cabin make me so happy.

{contemporary yet cozy cabin in the woods}
{painted logs in the master bedroom, yes please!}
{loving the local artwork and the sliding door}
{bold bench and bright accents}
{how fun is that shower?!}

click here to check out more mountain home interiors by grace home design.

*all photos by tuck fauntleroy*

March 9, 2012


lipstick on the slopes should be mandatory on sundays.
did you know nars is super waterproof?
this pic is to prove it after all-day powder skiing.
my favorite holiday is manana, ski ballet.
here's to the freakin' weekend.

p.s. don't forget about the plum paper discount going on now!

March 8, 2012

huckleberry hot springs.

my favorite place to take visitors when they are in town is huckleberry hot springs.
weather permitted, its an easy hike in grand teton national park.
guests were in town from la so we thought we'd do something mountain-y 
other than skiing.
we all hauled into a bus with our snow shoes and headed up north.
a mama moose and her baby were spotted.
and we stayed until the amoebas in the hot springs started to freak us out.

March 7, 2012

share this with everyone you know.


let's all be a part of something huge.
pass this along.
kony 2012.

March 6, 2012

the rose.

last night the Dishing girls and i were invited to a pre-opening event for jackson's hottest new bar, The Rose.
it's located right next door to Jackson's historic Pink Garter Theatre which was recently remodeled.
The Rose is simply gorgeous and the perfect place to go with a group of friends before a show!
lush leather couches, stunning chandeliers, recycled wood bar, stunning velvet wall paper.
i didn't want to leave.
we desperately needed this joint and i have a feeling i'll be it's number one customer.
at least top 5.
i already have a tab running.

head over here for more details.  
grand opening tomorrow!

March 5, 2012


cheers to the hostel gelande quaffing team for winning the 2012 title!
thanks for letting me sit in our your practice.
and making me look like a badass journalist for picking the winning team.

March 2, 2012

plum paper + discount.

around this time last month, i had a mental organization break down.
between work, blogging, dishing, and many other things,
i started forgetting about appointments.
so not like me and so not cool.
after college i swore off any sort of planner. (eek they reminded me of term papers)
until i discovered plum paper.
is it weird that i'm in love with my new planner?
i seriously just look at the beaut and a huge sense of relief washes over me.
like, "its okay meag, i've got all of your super important deadlines, meetings, wine dates, and lists. don't fret."
and let's not forget that they start the planner at any month of the year for you.  
that alone is points in my book.

the lovelies over at plum paper are offering an exclusive discount for all egg readers!
10% off their ENTIRE site for the ENTIRE month of march.
cards, planners, wedding planners, gift tags, you name it, they've got it.
click on the discount code below and enter "THEEGG10" at checkout.

March 1, 2012

"the eggo u twest"

yesterday, i had this amazing email in my inbox.
apparently i'm being talked about over these here internets.
and im totally okay with that.
whitney over at cheeriosandbeer (one of the greatest blog names ever) 
shared her chat with another reader, miss chelsea:

                this girl looks like SO much fun
 Miss:  i always read blog addresses way wrong
           ' the eggo u twest '
 Cheerios haha
 Miss:  OMG
         can we play this {in reference to ski ballet}
 Cheerios i know RIGHT
         i am like in total envy of that
         but yes. we need snow to play that
 Miss:  wth
           who is this girl
           can i be her

and yes ladies, you do need snow to play ski ballet.
i peed a little after i read this.  not gonna lie.