July 31, 2012

howdy stranger. where did the sign go?

{from the pinnawala elephant orphanage in sri lanka.}
{top: gap // skirt: zara (similar, similar) // booties: jcrew, old (similar) // sunglasses: katespade // purse: from sri lanka}
last night we headed over teton pass for a brick-oven pizza party in idaho.
i had this great idea of stopping to take photos with the jackson hole welcoming sign
but i was quite disappointed to see that it's gone!
i'm guessing it is getting re-painted...
i decided to do my own version of the sign above.
"howdy stranger, i'm the egg and yonder is jackson hole"
that should do it for now.

July 30, 2012

sup on the snake and a winner.

{kendall and i getting our SUP on}
i took my SUP addiction to a whole new level on saturday
when we floated all the way down the snake river.
rapids and all.
minor cuts and bruises but the scenery wasn't too hard on the eyes.

p.s. click here to see if you were the stella & dot giveaway winner!

locals note: we floated deadman's to moose
*photo by jamie storrs.

July 28, 2012

egg phone.

1. on helluva honor to be my best pal's moh.  it's official.
dear beaches of bermuda, be ready to party.
2. pink oxford soles. get em' while they're hot, here.  (or knock offs, here.)
3. jet setting has it's perks.  hugs and love from the parents plus a killer view.
4. my dad has some serious style, starting with his hats.
get a similar one, here.
5. half way through marathon training.  needing a lot of motivation!
6. for all of you who don't know, eh hem......i live where that cute little button is.
found at local shop, MADE.

July 25, 2012

get your boogie on.

live music has always been a huge part of my summers.
ever since i was a wee one and my parents were in a band.
um, we can talk about that later....
nothing beats dancing with friends in the warm evenings while sipping a cold brew.
jackson hole live has been hosting free live music this summer at the base of snow king mountain
where i just discovered sister sparrow & the dirty birds.  grace potter meets a 10 piece band.
i've got a new girl crush.

above is my guide to an easy and carefree boogie session this summer.
get the look below!

July 22, 2012


{bikini top: shoshanna (on sale!) // sunglasses: kate spade (similar)  // hat: c/o my pops}
a few photos from our hot weekend at the beach.
it's been nice to spend some quality family time with just the 5 of us.
doing nothing but lounging by the pool and making fun of each other.
i enjoyed rummaging through my father's hat collection the most.
the guy's got some real gems i tell ya.

July 21, 2012

the gasp.

i flew to naples to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday on thursday. 
of course my camera died right after the big surprise but i was able to capture
i apologize the video is so poorly filmed....i was really excited.
she basically stared at me like i was a ghost for the next 20 minutes....

the next day, i took her to lunch on the beach and BOTH of my brothers surprised her there.
again, more shock.
i was hoping for a scream but that gasp wins in my book.
and i'm thankful for no heart attacks.
later that evening we took her out for cocktails and boom. all of her friends were there!
3 surprises might have been a little too much but i wanted to go all out for her.
the lady deserves the world.  
she's my best friend and simply amazing.

p.s. - her shades are marc by marc jacobs, she's a stylish one.

July 18, 2012

my hiatus.

{via my pinterest}
(skkkrrrrrrrrp) - that's supposed to be a sound effect.
i'm taking a career break.
i've finally decided to take a little time off for myself and see the world.
you all know that i love to travel and from what i hear
its a lot easier now...pre marriage and kids...to get up and go.
and that's just what i'm gonna do.
i'm making a big trip to the east coast come october and then....who knows!?!

i'm hoping to volunteer a bit abroad, backpack, and work on my photography.
i will be on a budget but i will look into any recommendations.
south america keeps screaming my name...
so friends, tell me, any suggestions?

July 16, 2012

give + away. {stella & dot} CLOSED

happy monday!
i'm so excited to tell you about this giveaway by the amazing stella & dot stylist, ashley jacobs!
she's giving away this dainty and gorgeous stella & dot bangle to one lucky egg reader.
p.s. it's expired.
this is the perfect piece alone or even better layered!
looks great on all of those sun-kissed wrists of yours.

here's how to enter:
1. be an egg follower.
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for all your absolute must-haves right now, enter "The Egg" as your hostess at checkout for a chance to win surprise discounts in the near future - or maybe even a surprise freebie!

update: congrats to Hannah from 17 inch Heart on winning this fun giveaway!

July 14, 2012


after i posted about my old dog, here
i received LOTS of wonderful feedback about how i was actually pretty normal
about missing my dog and that its ok to feel guilty just thinking of getting a new one.
but that being said, i felt kinda bad for my buddy osker.
osker is jeff's dog and he's pretty perfect.
jeff and osker are a packaged deal and i'm beyond okay with that.
although he's not my dog, he certainly treats me like we are best friends.
i guess all i have to say is that i'm grateful for this dude above
plus he lets me dress him up so i've got that going for me.

July 12, 2012

string lake, sup.

{good old gas station tubes.}
{the bare essentials.}
{string lake. grand teton national park.}
{contrary to popular belief, jeff does wear clothing.  sometimes.}
my camera is acting up.
so you'll have to bear with me and the iphone photos.
thank god for instagram. 
(follow me if you're looking for a good time: meagtheegg)
here are some snapshots from my weekend at string lake.

we went stand up paddle boarding and i'm full on addicted.
if you haven't tried this, i'm telling you that you should.
this is complete peer pressure.
but you'll thank me for all the fun you had.

July 10, 2012

dinner with a view.

{double rainbow.}

{dinner spot}

{manchego cheese + almonds + honey + cracker. heaven}

{osker takes the wheel}

{can you tell i've been training for a marathon?}
i made a new friend on sunday evening.
her name is Silver Bullet and she is a GMC Palmbeach.
a real beauty i tell ya.
we rode Silver, as i nicknamed her, to antelope flats to enjoy dinner with a view.
jeff and i got dressed up....really he just wore jeans without holes and i wore a long skirt.
but, it was our first time meeting Silver and we wanted to make a good first impression.
we are really hoping for a life long friendship with her.
i think she liked us because she didn't break down. not once!
we ate shrimp wrapped in proscuitto, machego cheese, and scrumptious burgers.
it was a great end to the weekend.
and now i have a new friend in town.

July 6, 2012

egg phone.

1. colored jeans + ballet flats are my jam for work.
2. jeffers has been killing it with the flowers this summer.
he knows the way to a girl's heart. one petal at a time.
3. just your average bull moose on our way to camp. click here for more photos.
4. chevron is so in right meow.
got these cats on sale here.
5. the new anthro cover is getting me super pumped for my best friends wedding in NOLA.
on new years eve.
can't get more fun than that.
6. getting my puppy fix with the neighbor's little finn.

happy weekending egg peeps!

July 5, 2012

#1 and #2.

#1. the very best thing about living in this little mountain town is the community.
i've met the most friendly and inspiring people from all over the world.
who have all decided to live here for similar reasons.
i feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing valley.

#2. the second best thing about living here are the people who stop by to say hello.
a resort town attracts all sorts of folk.
i love sharing my favorite local spots and showing off my the tetons.

the other night i was fortunate enough to meet up with scott hamilton kennedy for a drink at osteria.
i bragged about jhole and we talked about communities and inspirations.
he's here in town promoting his oscar nominated documentary, The Garden.
it's an incredible story about people coming together.
on making this film, scott said, "sometimes you just gotta dive in and hope for the best."
it was a little quote i needed to hear.

i don't want to give away any details but the movie is playing tonight at 7pm at the center for the arts.
its free for all.
get ready to be inspired.

July 3, 2012

sans fireworks.

a few photos from my camping trip this weekend on jackson lake.
we scored a camp site on little mackinaw island, where the views weren't shabby.
i think everyone should camp at least once every summer, even if its in your backyard....or living room.

what are your plans for the 4th?
due to a fire ban in jackson hole,
there will be no fireworks this year for me.
but hey, i'd rather protect our beautiful mountains
and i'm sure somewhere in the valley, someone is saving a butt-load of cash.
you win some, you lose some.
happy berf, america.