November 30, 2011

congrats are in order.

my best friend lynze whom i recently visited in dubai (here, here, here)
is ENGAGED!!!!
her fiance, had his friend secretly snap photos during the proposal
these melt my heart....

{leg pop!}
congratulations to lynze and john!
can not wait to celebrate with you in just a few weeks.
and that you'll finally be stateside, at least for awhile.

November 29, 2011

Jackson Hole....IN CHINA?!?

did you know that there is a new resort town in China named "Jackson Hole"?
i know, i'm confused too.  but it's true.
i guess the Chinese want to get their american west fix on too.
so they built a replica.
yet it doesn't look like all.
i hope someone tells them that cowboys only wear red cowboy hats in Toy Story.

"Chinese families no longer have to cross oceans to get their fix of Americana. As the demand for vacation homes in China booms, a quirky market has emerged. Jackson Hole, a cowboy-inspired resort town in the northern province of Hebei, named after the Wyoming vacation mecca, offers around 900 cabins furnished with fireplaces and Western charm. This idyllic town offers a weekend escape from the over-crowded and heavily polluted streets of China's urban neighborhoods. "

November 27, 2011

guest + post {ann marie}

hi friends!
please read this beautiful post by ann marie from I am an age old tree. I am stars in white snow.
she's another blogger out west and takes amazing photos!
here are photos from her trips to jackson.
thanks ann marie~

i think the first time i visited jackson hole was on one of our many starvation trips as a family.
you see, we didn't take vacations when i was a kid. we went on survival trips.
i remember two things about that trip: too many plain bagels and a float trip down the snake river
where we adopted our guide, russ, as our newest brother.
strangley, despite my continuously empty gut, my heart was least for a few days.

i forgot about the jackson and the tetons for many years
until in high school when my older brother asked me {!} to go 
on a backpacking trip along the crest trail.
so we borrowed some gear for me, and off we went.

how could i not fall in love with such drastic mountains, and open fields?
i feel deep. and fast...

however, i did not return again for many years. strange.
but i got distracted by a boy {now my husband} who introduced me to another love: red rock in southern utah.
and somehow i forgot about jackson and the mighty tetons.

fast forward eight, yes eight, years.
my heart started pounding again for jackson, for wyoming, for tetons.
cj, my husband, and his friend had plans to climb the grand and i basically
stowed myself away in the car wanting to revisit an old love.

i started with the basics...which are incredibly stunning. you can't go wrong here.
i started with jenny lake and a hike up cascade canyon. the further i went,
the more spectacular the views and the more isolated i became.
i felt that feeling of being born out of these mountains, and i remembered
how much i love the west and this very place.
i decided then and there that this would be the location of my birthday celebration this year.
i had to come back.

cj and i went back. and we wandered. i can't even tell you where we went 
because i couldn't even look down at a map or a guidebook for two seconds.
you can easily and wonderfully get lost here. this is the real world.

we're hoping to make a winter trip to jackson soon...this time with out skis. 
i don't think i can ever let years go by again without visiting these mountains of the west.

November 25, 2011

black friday {kristin crane}

by now you all know how much i love traveling. (here, here, and here)
so i wanted to give you all a little discount on awesome travel gifts!!!
it IS black friday after all...

{all places i've been: the middle east, costa rica, mexico, and of course....WYOMING!}
kristin from Kristin Crane is offering all the egg readers free shipping 
on everything in her store thru the end of November! click here.
the perfect gifts for your worldly loved ones.
stop by her shop to check out her goods.
the beautifully bound map books would be a fun present for someone heading off on a trip soon.
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November 24, 2011

this year...

i'm not cooking anything!
i've made the turkey the last 2 years.
i'm bringing the entertainment.
this card is quite appropriate for me

on a more serious note,
i'm extremely thankful for my family, friends
and this amazing place i call home.

the winner of the Little Okin Giveaway is.....(drum roll please)....

Jaclyn from The Bishop's Wife!  
Congrats girl, the hubby will love your little egg.
(shoot me an email and we'll get you in touch with the designer)

November 23, 2011

the bistro.

the second best thing about the off-season is the food.
but since i didn't globetrot this fall (click here) the restaurant specials definitely take the cake.
pun intended.
one of my favorite eateries, Rendezvous Bistro, is celebrating their 10th year anniversary
and they are currently offering a kick-ass $10 menu for the month of november.
yep, 10 bones for everything on the menu.
it's my fourth time this month...
i highly recommend the pork adobo. 
the perfect place to relax with friends while sipping great vino.
and the bartender is pretty cute too.

{a full house!}
{only ten buckaroos. nom. nom. nom.}
{over 150 wines to choose from}
{my favorite painting in the bistro}
{so we drank a lot of wine. mmm malbec}
{who doesn't love a sophisticated restaurant that lets you color?!}
besides the full bellies and small tab,
there was a little celebrity spotting as well last night.
i may or may not have made intense eye contact with Harrison Ford,
a regular and big fan of the Bistro.
i think its meant to be.

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November 22, 2011

guest + post. {See Jane}.

hi friends!
my good friend over at see jane. did a little fashion post of me.
LOVE her style.  check out her blog, you won't be disappointed.
um, i need those booties....

Hi The Egg readers!  I'm Anna of See Jane.  Now, I've never been Jackson Hole, where Meagan currently resides, but it's definitely on my list.  Chicago is plenty cold but I know once I was in the mountains, my whole attitude (and style) would change.  Neutrals, furs and functional clothing would all be on my list.  Here are a few things that I may have to incorporate into my wardrobe for when I make my way west.

thanks anna! 
obsessed with your blog :)
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one more day until zee winner is announced!

November 18, 2011

happy weekending.

from a snow covered cabin.
pssst.  don't forget to enter in my give away here.

November 16, 2011

give + away. {little okins}

i'm so excited to announce a give away from one of the coolest etsy stores around.
Little Okins is offering the egg readers a chance to win one free custom made Little Okin!!
these little guys bring a whole lot of happiness with personal messages, killer designs, and plenty of attitude.
super fun gifts, invitations, party favors, you name it.
pretty awesome, right?!

it's super easy to win.
visit the Little Okin etsy store and leave a comment below telling me which little one you fancy the most.
2 entries for telling me WHO you'd send it to and why.
3 entries for becoming a follower of The Egg Out West.
winner will be chosen at random next week.
did i mention custom?

my favorite is the ninja.
the moustache following in a close second.
like in a super-close-almost-changed-my-mind second.
which one will you pick?

November 14, 2011

first day of winter.

for me, the first day of winter starts with the first big snow fall
....and ends when the ski resort closes.
its a long one but oh, so beautiful out west.
my favorite time is when it starts to get dark early
and the moon reflects off the snow.
something about it is so peaceful and romantic.

woah, someone must be getting the holiday spirit...

November 10, 2011

i'm freezing today.

but this photo warmed my heart.

my co-worker took this photo of mr. man this day last year.
and didn't show me until now!
i was with my dad who was in icu in florida.
the old guy was waiting for me under my desk.
heart breaker.
miss this face everyday.
and his obnoxious panting.

November 4, 2011


its november. its cold.
and there is no snow.....yet.
my bosses are off in hawaii and thailand and i'm here holding down the fort.
instead of traveling for this off-season,
i'm heading back home for christmas to see my entire clan
(which is way better than traveling)
but i have the travel BUG.
and i've got it bad....
{cashew, sri lanka}
{tuk tuks}
{pinnawala elephant orphanage.  such a magical place}
{rescued elephants}
{i heart backpacking}

{Team Lanka}
photos from my trip to sri lanka this spring.

have a happy weekend!
i'll be scouring the internet for my next great adventure~

November 3, 2011

the moustache made me do it.

{some of the best staches of the evening}

{awesome banner from Urban Outfitters}

my friends threw me a moustache + martini themed dinner for the big 26!!
it was rad with lots of 'staches around the dinner table at The Q Roadhouse.
what a glorious sight!
i'm a sucker for themed parties.
let's do this again real soon.