March 31, 2011

people, plants, and cats

this girl needs $500,000.
she also reminds me of a lot of college-mates of mine in boulder
for $100 - $10,000, you too can get an empty jar.

March 29, 2011

high...on life

ask me how my day was.
seriously...ask me!
ok fine, i'll tell you how my day went through photos.

#1.  i skied corbet's couloir this morning for the first time ever.  google it.  top photo of me as proof! i'm proud to say that i did not fall and skiied down with the biggest smile on my face.  WHEW!

#2. widespread panic booked 3 nights at grand targhee over the 4th of july. one of my fave bands at one of my fave venues in one of my fave places.  (visitors welcomed and expected)

#2.5.  the new mastersounds will be playing with widespread.  gah!

#3. after corbet's and a fat tram burger, i purchased my flight to sri lanka.  i'll be beachin' it in no time.

feeling seriously high on life today.  going to end this day with my favorite meal in jackson hole with amazing company.

sending happiness to all of you.  muaaaah!

March 28, 2011

hot glass. cold beer.

remember when i shared with you that i started glassblowing again? 
well, my little crew of glassblowers and i have been working our little tails off this past month for our Hot Glass. Cold Beer. Party.
we held the party this past friday as a way to introduce the new hot shop to our tiny town.  
everyone who attended received a free beer mug made by us plus free booze all night. 
not too shabby eh?
we flew in 4 glassblowers from seattle who did 2 amazing demos for a very intrigued audience.  
we also held a silent auction for some of the things we've been working on, like the plates below.  
mine was blue and SOLD.  i know, right?  like someone paid a lot of money for it....suckas slash my new favorite anonymous person ever.  (thanks for making me feel awesome)
the seattle crew made a gorgeous redwood tree and one bad ass cowboy.
a huge thank you to all of my amazing friends who showed up to support!

{seattle crew in our little hot shop}
{redwood tree in action}
{danny gathering glass} 
{redwood tree}
 {mr. balloon hands in action}
{rob and i with our mustache cups. in front of our plates}
{danny making a cowboy}
{The Core Four plus deputy Rob.  Jackson Hole Glassblowers}
{my plate sold!?  funny feeling but i hope whoever bought it loves it forever}
{mustache cups.  creepy 'stache cup line coming soon}

p.s. we were all pretty burnt out last thursday night before the party so we decided to create mustache beer mugs.  dear friends: your newest birthday gifts.  
tell me the creepiest 'stache your heart desires and it's all yours. 

March 24, 2011


i want to eat her.
sorry for being mia lately, i know you all missed me terribly.
i've been an artEESt this week. spending all of my time in the hot shop.
attempting to auction off a piece i made last night.  whoop. whoop.
key word: attempting
if i make a couple bones, i'll be stoked.

March 17, 2011

why i love being irish

-the Murtagh Clan....all hilarious and we all have the same pretty blues as our grandmother.
-mom's corn beef and cabbage. yummm.
-dad forcing my younger brother Colin to wear a leprechaun hat and dance a jig to entertain his guests EVERY St. Patrick's Day.  oh how i wish i had a photo right now.
-Gerity, my middle name.  named after my great grandmother Elma Gerity Murtagh.
-dad's extensive knowledge of every nook and cranny of Ireland.  he lived there forever.
-Murtagh's Irish Pub.  it's a real place in the ol' heartland.
-when strangers/fellow irish folk point out my claddagh ring. which i wear everyday. thank you very much.
-our name in Gaelic, O' Muircheartaigh.  it means 'expert navigator of the seas' (we all know that's not true). it's also the name of our family boat.  we get some pretty funny looks in the backwaters of naples.
-my brown hair and blue eyes combo.
-leprechauns are REAL!
-my seriously awful Irish Alzheimer's syndrome.  i'll hold a grudge forever and have no idea why.
-The University of Notre Dame.  nope, didn't go there, but pretty much everyone else in my family has. Go Irish!
-Clancy Mulligan Murtagh.  The Greatest Dog to ever live.

March 16, 2011

Bear Claw.

annie 'holy' tonoli took me to a new destination on teton pass on saturday.
we skinned up to the north facing BEAR CLAW of mount elly, a steep tree filled area with 3 fun chutes.

after attacking THE CLAW, we rushed to the village to meet up with friends and venture to the rock springs yurt for an overnight birthday bash.  (that little adventure deserves its own post. coming soon.)
it was a good saturday.  sunday?  not so much.
see those 3 claw marks?  our destination 
holy tonoli heading across avalanche bowl.  she's an animal. 
skin track
holy tonoli killin' it in THE CLAW!

March 15, 2011


side trip:  tbd.
i'll keep ya posted.

March 7, 2011

Glory-ious Sunday

cat and i ditched the village on an outrageously gorgeous morning to play on mount glory.
we took our friend's dog, ivy, who proved to be the best ski dog partner around.
a true ladies ski day if you will.
hiking the pass is great on the bum, a fab time to gossip, catch up with friends, and enjoy the sun's rays.
if you need a pal, i highly suggest cat.  she spanish...and then lessons!
she really kept me entertained as i was gasping for air at the top.
ivy knew we were heading for a ski
glory hike
not a cloud in the sky 
hydrating with ivy
ivy and i are off!
cat tomahawks...for fun
cat recovers
look, i really do ski!

March 4, 2011

anyone home?

so my little readers, this is my 100th blog post!  
eh hem.......helllooooo is anyone out there?  does anyone even read this thing?  mom, just you?  cool, thanks.

thought i'd share this hilarious video for the big one-oh-oh.  
living in a town where fanny pack wearing tourist come to play in the summer time, i find this little piece pretty accurate.

March 3, 2011

i'm taking a vote.

remember this travel post? well, change of plans. looks like egypt is out of the question as a side trip this april.  lynze has decided that the mediterranean will be "too cold" during the spring.....with dipping temps of 75 and sunny!??!?? i know, she's crazy but i guess she DOES live in the desert so having to bring a jacket along isn't her cup of tea.
anywho, i need some help deciding where we should venture off to for a week after Dubai.  would you rather go....

airline tickets are about the same, at least they were last week.  
so help a sistah out.....where would you rather go for a week?